Human Shape of the Holy Land
The Land of Israel has a Shape Similar to the Human Body
The idea of the correlation human body and the geography of Israel was developed according to the principle that there is continous dialogue between mankind and landscape, as a dynamic sublimation process, and as an image in practice.
Land of Israel Sights
Index The revolutionary description of the Land of Israel as a human figure is a clear correlation.

The landscape can almost serve for anatomy lessons.

The figure includes: The land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea as face, the Negev Plateau as neck, Sinai Peninsula as the torso.
It is a commentary of the Bible, Judaism and the borders of Israel.

The map is a message of social Humanism, global progress and personal freedom.

It is a physical reality, with a particular relief which engraves and raises the spirit.
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Website Blog In the process of creating the map, the landscape was examined with photographs and maps, in relation to the human anatomy and other figures. The level of correlation is much higher then that in other anthropomorphic maps. It is a correlation which calls for a scientific examination.
The subject of The Image of God is of great importance in Judaism, but is not applied to the land of Israel. In the bible God, The Land, and the people are a united entity. This definition determined the fate of the Jews. In contrast to this clarity, the physical borders of the land remained obscure. In the sources of there are only few rabbinical abstract sketches of a map of Israel. A study determined that there are many different definitions of the border, from different periods and people. The absence of clear map of the Land of israel was and is an obstacle for the Zionistic idea. It transformed Jerusalem into a completely  abstract object, even between the Jews themselves in the long Diaspora period.
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