The Human Shape of the Holy Land

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I visited on the internet a site that I think will interest you. The name of it is: The Human Shape of the Holy Land.

The link is:


It is an original cartographic description of the Land of Israel as an anatomic human figure.


Each one of the land's geographic regions is paralleled to another anatomic organ.

The result is a human figure which includes face, neck and torso.


The land from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea is the face, the Negev Plateau is the neck and Sinai Peninsula is the torso.


It is a physical reality with a particular relief and a missing link in the commentaries of the Bible.


The website includes few E-books and articles by the map's creator, Avinoam Amizan.

Among the E-books is: "The Little Prince Lands", which describes the author's spiritual journey.

His inspiration was drawn from various sources, including birds' flight and the Golden Section.


The content is in English and Hebrew. The link to the English Main Page is:







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