Energy Lines of the Holy Land

An Integration between Healing and Geography



Seven powerful energy lines cross the Land of Israel, in accord with its Human Shape.


The first and strongest line is vertical, along the Jordan Valley.


The other six lines are horizontal, crossing it along major mountain passes.


These seven lines reminds of the six days of the week and Shabbat, or the Divine lamp with the seven stems.


Energy Lines of Land of Israel

Energy Lines of Israel



There is a possibility of making a therapy through the lines, based on the substantial place of Anthropomorphism in human cultures.



Main Vertical Energy Line - The Jordan Valley


The main vertical energy line is along the Jordan Valley, which is part of the Great Rift Valley. This line starts in Turkey and ends in Central Africa. The Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth, is part of it. It is a major route for migrating birds. This line represents the primordial vertical energy in human beings. It is centered in the spinal cord.



The Horizontal Energy Lines of Israel


The total length of the Land of Israel is 600 kilometers. The major vertical line is crossed by six horizontal lines, in distance intervals of about 100 kilometers.

They create secondary centers of energy. They are weaker, but understanding them is vital. Health is dependant on the quality of our relationships, which cause the traumatic horizontal braking in early childhood of the vertical energy.

These wheels of energy are known in alternative medicine as "Chakras".


First Chakra – Mount Sinai

The line starts at Neviot at Eilat Bay and lead to Suez Bay, through Mount Sinai. There are only two valleys in this area which leads to the Mount, one from east and one from west.

This line controls the kidneys, liver and intestine.

The revelation of God to Moses in Mount Sinai indicates also humility, the base of health and wisdom.


Second Chakra – Eilat

The line starts at Petra and ends in Wadi El-Arish basin. It passes the Negev Plateau through thousands of dry rivers, curved as snakes.

The line controls the heart and lungs.

The transformation between inner and outer body through breath is delicate, and the Israeli People passed twice in this region in their way to the Promised Land.


Third Chakra – South Dead Sea

The line crosses the land from the Jordanian Mountains in the east, through Be'er-Sheva in the Negev, to the southern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. This is the "drought Line".

It is the place of the thyroid gland, which commands the hormonal functioning.

In Arad, near the junction, starts the biblical story of the copper snake which stopped the plague.


Fourth Chakra – Jerusalem

The line connects between Amman, Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv, through big mountain passes.

This line controls the mouth and communications skill.

Jerusalem is the city of prophets, who spoke the words of God.


Fifth Chakra – Sea of Galilee

The line passes the lake and crosses the land along the vast Valley of Jezreel.

It controls the eyes and nose.

In the past the Valley was partly flooded and created a continuous area with the Lake of Galilee, a parallel with the large section of the brain devoted to the eye.


Sixth Chakra – Litany River

The line starts at Damascus region, passes through the foot of Mount Hermon, and continues to the sea along the Litany River.

The line controls the upper mind functions, the logic and will.

This meeting point of two mountain ranges indicates the logical optimum. Abraham had his covenant with God at this foot of the hills.



The Eight Levels of Love


In addition to the six chakras there are two more levels outside the body, upper and lower of it.


The Higher level is above the Sixth chakra. It ends near Beirut - Damascus highway. It is the circle of love outside man, the stage of belief in miracles.


The lower level starts as a circle from the southern edge of Sinai Peninsula into the Red Sea. This is the love circle of overcoming fear. It is taken care of from the base of the spinal cord.



Globe's Latitudes according to the Jewish Calendar


The Jewish New Year Day, Rosh Hashanah; can be marked as the first latitude 90 degrees on the North Pole.


From there downward, the Globe is divided according to the Jewish calendar.


Each day of the year is represented by a separate latitude line.


The last line is on the equator, and its name is Elul [12'Th month of Jewish year] 29.


This method makes it possible to point at latitudes of places by the day and the month:


For example, Jerusalem is in Iyyar 23. On the ordinary map it is on latitude 31 degrees, 45 minutes.


The date of Shavuoth (Jewish feast of weeks), Pentecost, is 6 Sivan, and it passes on the map on Mount Sinai.




Human Shape of the Holy Land