Anthropomorphic Maps and the Human Shape of the Holy Land
The Author: Avinoam Amizan

The anthropomorphic attribution of human characteristics to animals and inanimate is one of the most typical qualities of the human race.
The author describes this idea and then examines its artistic influence on the Anatomy and Cartography sciences.
Then comes an examination of the historic development of the Anthropomorphic Maps which portray teritories as human characters.
The epilogue is a review of the cartographic situation of the Land of Israel, in view of the "Holy Land Map as a Human Shape" which the author created.


1. What is Anthropomorphism

2. Imaginary Anatomy

3. Man and Landscape in Art

4. The Map as a Work of Art

5. Early Anthropomorphic Maps

6. Modern Anthropomorphic Maps

7. Anthropomorphic Maps in the Media

8. Anthropomorphic Maps of Israel