The Little Prince Lands

By Avinoam Amizan


E-book for the visitors of The Human Shape of the Holy land website








A good approach to any problem

is to be detached from everything.

Find a new mind point,

put a lever and raise the world.


But enlightenment is a flash of light.

Everybody take off and only few land safely.

The experience of landing is central

to any kind of flight.


This book focus on the landing experience,

through images from various topics.

The images are compacted into

the numbers from one to ten.







Preface: The Importance of Enlightenment

Chapter 1: Time = Amendment2

Chapter 2: Fear and Fineness

Chapter 3: Forward Movement

Chapter 4: The Sense of Touch

Chapter 5: The Sense of Sight

Chapter 6: The Landing Angle

Chapter 7: Baltasar Carlos on Horseback

Chapter 8: Las Meninas

Chapter 9: The Golden Ratio

Chapter 10: The Human Shape of the Holy Land