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Holocaust and Aviation


Nazi Germany Aviation as Major Cause for the Holocaust


By: Avinoam Amizan


Poetic and Healing Research


Dedicated to my mother, holocaust survivor Golda Sandman [1920 - 2013]






Table of Contents







Part I - Dynamic

1. Gaston Bashelard and his book 'Air and Dreams

2. Importance of human flight

3. Aviation importance to Germany from Romanticism to Militarism

4. Friedrich Nietzsche the philosopher of flight

5. Fascist Italy - Nazism cradle

6. Nazi mysticism

7. Nazi air mindedness



Part II - Material

9. Oswald Sprengler and Decline of the West'

10. Karl Haushofer and the Living Space

11. Adolf Hitler and the high mountains

12. Hermann Goering the air Kaiser

13. Rudolf Hess the solo pilot

14. Arthur Greiser governor of western Poland

15. Reinhard Heydrich planner of the final solution

16. Hitler's air force adjutant

17. Albert Speer and the distance architecture

18. The Nazi doctors

19. Hanna Reitsch - Look for the Woman



Part III - Formal

20. Flying Circus

21. Gliding Sport in Germany

22. Airships era

23. First jet fighter plane

24. Luftwaffe failures

25. Fire of the missile

26. Nazi aviation and Relativity Theory







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