Globe's Latitudes according to the Jewish Calendar



A dear man, whose Website ceased to operate unfortunately, created an original interpretation for the Geographic Latitudes.


According to this interpretation, the Jewish New Year Day, Rosh Hashanah; can be marked as the first latitude 90 degrees on the North Pole.


From there downward, the Globe is divided according to the Jewish calendar.

Each day of the year is represented by a separate latitude line.

Totally there are 356 lines.

The last line is on the equator, and its name is Elul [12'Th month of Jewish year] 29.


This method makes it possible to point at latitudes of places by the day and the month:


For example, the line of latitude 30 degrees on map 1, which cross Israel near Eilat is, according to this method, the border between the months Iyyar (8'Th month of Jewish year) and Sivan (the 9th month in Jewish year).


Second example, on map 2: Jerusalem is in Iyyar 23. On the ordinary map it is on latitude 31 degrees, 45 minutes.


Map 1 divides the Northern Hemisphere into 12 equal parts, according to the Months of the year and the Zodiac.

The division is seen at the right side of the map.

Each zone is of 7.5 degrees, since 90 degrees divided by 12 equal 7.5.


The Jewish Lunar Calendar has months of 30 days or 29 days.

At a 30 days month there are 4 days for each degree [30 days divided by 7.5 degrees].

At a 29 days month each day covers a somewhat bigger zone.



Globe's Latitudes accoring to the Jewish calendar

Map 1 – Globe's Latitudes according to the Jewish calendar



Map 2, of the Land of Israel, has detailed division for days.


On the Map's left side is the list of the days from the Jewish calendar, that fall into this segment of the Globe as latitudes.

They are from Iyaar 18 to Sivan 15.


According to this map the Latitude of Iyaar 18 passes on mount Miron. This day of the year is the date of the Jewish feast Lag Baomer, day 33 of Counting of the Omer (between Passover and Pentecost), which is celebrated each year on the foot of Mount Miron.


The date of Shavuoth (Jewish feast of weeks), Pentecost, is 6 Sivan, and it passes on the map on Mount Sinai.


Land of Israel latitudes accoring to the Jewish calendar

Map 2 – Land of Israel latitudes according to the Jewish calendar




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