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Holocaust and Aviation

The Development of German Nazi Aviation as a Major Factor in the Annihilation of the European Jewish People


By: Avinoam Amizan


Most of the book is available in the Hebrew version only








Part 1 – Dynamic

The importance of aviation in history and for Germany

The Nazi Mysticism

Nietzsche and the superman, Sprengler and the Decline of the West


Part 2 – Material

Karl Haushofar and the Living space

Adolf Hitler and the High Mountains

Herman Goering the Air Emperor

Rudolf Hess and the Solo Flight

Reinhard Heidrich and the Final solution

Arthur Greizer and the Judgment Day

Josef Mengale and the Aerial Dualism


Part 3 – Formal

Von Below and the Wonder Weapon

Von Brown and the Flight to the Moon

The Nazi's Flying Saucer




The connection between aviation and the human existence

The Nazi Mysticism

Karl Haushofer and the Living Space

Herman Goering the Air Czar

The Murder of the Namibian nation by Germany in 1905




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