Holocaust and Aviation

The Development of German Nazi Aviation as a Major Factor in the Annihilation of the European Jewish People


By: Avinoam Amizan


The Murder of the Namibian nation by Germany in 1905


The first genocide which was executed by the Germans, the first in the 20Th century and which heralded directly the Jewish genocide, was the annihilation of the Namibian nation in 1905.


It was part of the first steps in the development of German nationalism, in the eighties of the 19 century. The first important nationalistic organization, the 'Pan German' pact, grew in these years within the imperialist context. The Pan Germans claimed that the future of Germany is dependent in a big empire over seas, which can exist only on account of Britain and other colonial empires. The movement fulfilled a central role in pushing Germany to the First World War and later on to Hitler's hands.


In 1884 chancellor Bismarck proclaimed that the beach of southwest Africa [Namibia of today] is protected by the German empire. Namibia was converted into the first and most important German colony.


The father of Hitler's deputy Herman Goering, Heinrich, was a diplomat in the German Foreign Service. In 1885 he received his first commission: To be the first imperial inspector of Namibia. He was the first German governor in the area, the most important and involved figure.


The official policy that he lead there was: To get rid of the Namibian nation by occupying their lands and cattle, and turn them into forced labor.


At the same time were explored in Namibia, by the German doctor Fisher, the anthropology and lives of one of the tribes: The Buster community, who were of mixed race. His findings were that because of being mixed they suffer numerous behavioral weaknesses, compared with natives of 'pure race'. Fisher became later on the manager of 'the institute for racial research' in Berlin. He was the teacher of the Nazi doctors who implied the race doctrine in the third Reich, with Mengale among them. They tried to find genetic explanations, by means of experiments in human beings, to the behavioral findings that were discovered in the studies of Fisher.


When the Namibian nation revolted, few years after Heinrich Goering was promoted to a new role, His follower crashed them by the German war machine, which liquidated them almost absolutely.


In 1905 the general who was the commander of the German forces in Namibia announced the order of annihilation:

The Heraro People [the biggest Namibian tribe], must leave the land. If they will not do so, I will constrain them by means of power. Amid the German territory every tribe man, armed or not armed, with or without cattle, will be killed. Women and children will not be allowed to stay in the territory. They will be pushed to their people, or will be shot. These are the last words to the Heraro People from me, the general commander on behalf of the formidable German Kaiser'.


The order for the final solution that Herman Goering gave to Reinhard Heidrich in 1941 is a perfection of this order from his father's days.


Most of the Namibian, approximately 100,000, were murdered by rifles gunfire, or were pushed to the Kalahari Desert by the German army. Those who survived were assembled in concentration camps. Every one of them received a prisoner badge. They became the nucleus of the slaves in the German mines and farms.


The main characteristics of the final solution for the Jews were developed around 1900 in one place, Namibia:

 - Extreme nationalism and colonial expansion.

- The race doctrine which discriminated between people according to their origin.

 - Expulsion of the local residents, robbery of their assets, and transforming the remaining into slaves.

 - Liquidation of nations and ethnic people by the army.


At the time that the annihilation of the Namibian Nation was carried, Heinrich Goering became already the German ambassador to Haiti. Haiti was chosen as the second objective by Germany for aggressive colonial policy. Under his hand a 'Gun ships' policy was dictated. The German influence dominated, with almost direct confrontation against United States.




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