Holocaust and Aviation

The Development of German Nazi Aviation as a Major Factor in the Annihilation of the European Jewish People


By: Avinoam Amizan


The Nazi Mysticism


Daniel Douglas Home (1833-1886) was the most famous spiritualist in the 19th century. He was able, by means of spiritual strength, to hover in the air.


Helena Blavatsky was a Russian mystic, founder of the 'Theosophical Society' and writer of number of books on the subject of Mysticism. In the age of 17 she fled from her husband and began a life of a wanderer. Among other things she was the helper of Home.


Blavatsky wrote a book where she described primary human races, that their sources are from millions of years ago. The fifth race is the Arians, which is about a million years old. Parts of the human beings are less human from the Arians.


Rudolf Sebottendorf [1875 - 1945], a German who engaged in occultism, was influenced by Madam Blavatsky. From her theory he developed the idea of the regeneration of the German myth, assuming the historical moment in which the Arian race will return to his glory, by means of the arrival of the Superman.


Sebottendorf was the main factor behind the 'Thule Society' brotherhood, which was founded in 1918, and became one the main heralds of the Nazi party.


Its origin was as one of many movements for the development of the awareness and personality. Together with occultism it taught the ideology of the superiority of the Nordic race and anti-Semitism. Quickly it began to circulate an anti-democratic and anti-Semitic propaganda.


The brotherhood was part off 'the popular movement' of Germany at the begining of the 20'Th century, which wished to find the ethnic historical identity of Germany. Germany was integrated, from little princedoms only at 1871 [The final process of uniting Germany was finished only at the days of the Nazis].


The movement's supporters were identified with every thing that was 'German'. Paganism was understood as central part in 'Germanism'. Their anti-Semitism was traditional.

The enormous boost to the expansion of the Nazis was given by their natural intertwining in this movement, which had a very wide social base.


Prominent members of the 'Thule Society' were many of the first and seniors Nazis. Adolf Hitler was a' regular visitor'. One of its founders, the poet and the playwright Dietrich Eckart, who was known also as user of hallucination dugs in Pagan ceremonies, was the spiritual mentor of Hitler, who dedicated to him Mein Kampf'.


The brotherhood's newspaper became later, under a new name, the main propaganda channel of the Nazi party in its first years.


The brotherhood had about 250 friends in Munich and about 1500 throughout Bavaria. It created contacts with rightist workers organizations in Munich. The process brought to the merging between the brotherhood and the 'Party of German Workers'.

To this party arrived Hitler at 1919, and in it he began his political activity.

In 1920 the party was converted to the 'German National Socialist Party', the full name of the Nazi party.


In Berlin operated the 'Vril Society'. This brotherhood was founded in 1921, by Karl Haushofer, a student of the famous Russian mystic Gurdjieff.


Haushofer became later on a key figure in the Nazi movement. As Geopolitics professor he formulated the concept of the 'Living Space'. He was main scientific adviser for 'Mein Kampf', designer of the international strategy of the Nazis, and the initiator of Germany's treaty with Japan. Between the members of the 'Vril Society' there were many additional seniors of the Nazis.


The brotherhood's members performed exercises of concentration, yoga and meditation. The exercises were inspired by Sufi techniques and Zen teachings of the Japanese association 'The Black Dragon'.


The goal was to arouse the forces of the 'Vril', to detect the interplanetary sources of the Arian race, and to develop an aircraft which will fly there in a super dimension.


According to 'Vril Society', the 'Vril' is a hidden energy in the human body, which is used only in small part of its potential. The energy form is of electricity charged fluid, which life expands from it. It is the godly source, the source of the Superman. Who which detect and dominate it, win the great power. He can become the ruler of mankind.


The 'Vril Society' was in close contact with an English brotherhood named 'The Golden Dawn'. In 1941, this contact served as base for the assumptions of Rudolph Hess that there is a place for his flight to England.


The unusual suggestive power of Hitler is understood better, after knowing that he had access to the secret psychological techniques.


In order to create a contact with the Vril's power plant, Himler founded later the Ahnenerbe organization, which researched, according to esoteric assumptions, the origins of the Arian race. He sent expeditions to the high Tibet plateau. A common belief of the Nazis was that the source of the Nazis is from Extraterrestrials.


Himler was the cultivator of the official Nazi Esotericism. He nurtured, through the S-S, the image of the leader of the totalitarian state to the degree of a God, in combination with Pagan worships.


The defeat of Germany and the economic depression changed completely the social order. The existential discrepancies required a complete social reorganization.

The Germans guarded their affection to Absolutism in the era of Relativity. This Absolutism required substance that will be able to lead it. No idea has a value without the possibility to be realized. The substance which was found to the needs of the Nazi ideology was the Aviation.


The foundations of the Nazi party were placed methodically and meticulously. It was not just a political party, but the first that integrated politics and occultism to one-piece. It lead to the establishment of the Nazi occult state, where Aviation technology of high standard was combined.


After his rise to reign, Hitler forbade the existence of secret societies and united them under the wings of the Nazi Party. The 'Thule' and 'Vril' became S-S units. The 'Vril' was nicknamed also 'The Chain', because of the spiritual contact between its members. It had tight contact with the Nazi intelligence and the Nazi aircraft industry. These military bodies developed flying saucers based on inventions by the brotherhood's members.


There are many assertions that Hitler was an Atheist. Who that read in his writings, find that the god that he believed in him was identical to the god of the believers in the New Testament. Hitler spoke in one breath, unembarrassed, on God together with politics.


The question is how he could have been able to write 'Mein Kampf'. Hitler gained enormous and concentrated influence from 1919 to 1924 through his spiritual teachers from the brotherhoods. He applied what he learned in all possible fields, in the tremendous political vacuum after the First World War.


Hitler presents himself in the book as 'Superman'. He elucidates his racial concept, which separates between people according to their origin. Hitler claimed that the German Arians are in the head of the hierarchy, and in the bottom are the Jews and Gypsies. He described the struggle to a world control as a continuous racial struggle, cultural and political, between the Jews and Arians.


The destiny of the Nazis was to act for the attainment of the exclusive Arian ethos. The practical expression was the 'Esoteric Hitlerism', that in its common name was known as: 'National Socialism'. In essence, the Nazism was nonpolitical, but revolutionary. Its role was to create a new type of people. In order to obtain it, the single man had to obtain an inner transformation. This inner change required the understanding and acceptance of Adolf Hitler and his 'secret mission' as a prophet.


Hitler, after the transformation, was perceived by the nation as an image of the Arian warrior, or an Alpine shepherd who observe the scenery from the mountain top.


It is possible that Hitler was, to himself and his admirers, also an incarnation of Daniel Douglas Home, the man who knew how to fly. Hitler lived the majority of his reigning days in his Alpine residence. Many hours each day he used to walk back and forth in front of the giant glass wall in the guestroom, observing the landscape.


Was he influenced from hallucination drugs? There are many testimonies of his experience with them in Vienna. Hitler got addicted to therapeutic drugs, including amphetamines. They served for calming of the tensions in his stomach and for the improvement of his liveliness. But they had enormous effect on fateful decisions. Because of drugs he was under unjustified feelings of euphoria.


It's possible to learn also on the Lunatic character the Nazi movement from the visions of its followers. After the fall of the third Reich the Esoteric Hitlerism continued to flourish. Different beliefs, each stranger then the other, grew up from it.




Avinoam Amizan is the author of the book: Holocaust and Aviation

His home website is: The Human Shape of the Holy Land