Golda's Stories of the Holocaust


Part II - Amendment

Section 2 Bergen-Belzen

Chapter J The poisoned water


I find some clear water in a ditch.



Two weeks before the end the Nazis felt something new in the air.


Therefore they poisoned also the water



Everything was poisoned now.



At that time we didn't know yet on the coming liberation that was delayed so much.



I had to search for good water to drink.



Very thirsty, I went to the long deep ditch that was in the camp, and saw in its bottom shallow water.


I did not know of which quality was this water. The main point was that they were not from the Germans.



I tied a rope to the bottle that I found.


I lied on the belly, and I lowered it down.



With this bottle I lied so for about an hour.


It floated on the water and was not filled.


My mind was blunt, maybe because I was sick and weak.


I had to insert a stone into it, and he would sink and get filled.



I lied on the belly, holding the rope with my healthy hand, for a duration that seemed to me eternity.


At last, a drop of water dripped inside.



I went with the water to Eva.


We drank them, and saturated our thirst a little.




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