Golda's Stories of the Holocaust


Part II - Amendment

Section 1 Auschwitz

Chapter H On the experiments table


Mengele wants to pump out my blood.



One day Mengele himself came for a visit in our dormitory.


We, the veteran girls, knew him well. Everyone already shouted: "Mengele! Mengele!" when we saw him approaches.


He was very tall and good looking. He was thin, dressed in a black uniform, and so elegant and orderly, that there were no words to describe it. He was indeed the prince of darkness.



He was everything in Auschwitz.

Firstly, he used to receive the victims. He would order: "Right! Left! Right! Left!", and determined who goes to the gas chambers and who to work.

Secondly, he was the manager of the hospitals.



Standing at the door of the dormitory, he said quietly, in an erudite voice, that he wants to choose from us ten girls for a special work.


He ordered: "All the girls must undress completely".



This was not a shame over there. Every month we run naked on the road to the sauna, to bath and to disinfect our garments.


All of us stood before him naked, in a lineup before the beds.



Mengele said that he takes us for a special, nice work, and did not explain.

I couldn't refuse.

I wasn't able to say that I have a mother and sister. It was not like in Strachovitsa, where you had the ability to pay something and save yourself. Here there wasn't any money, there wasn't anything.

I had to obey.



The fate fell and he selected me too.

This was because I was young, clean, without wounds.

There wasn't a mirror in Auschwitz, and I could not see myself, but I saw the other girls that were chosen with me.

All of them were young and very beautiful, with blush in their cheeks.

Eight of them were Jewish and one a Christian.



We walked in silence to his institute.


In the institute we entered a room that looked like a clinic.


A crew was waiting.


The fate fell again, and they placed me first, on a high, white operation table.


They tied my hands and legs. They tied also my head, in a way that prevented me from seeing what is going on.


I saw in the edge of the eye two crewmen. One was holding a large glass jar, and the other had a big knife in his hand. They came and stood beside me.


Mengele spoke about work, and I didn't understand what happens.



Suddenly Mengele himself appeared beside me.


At this second I understood that he wants to operate me for one of his experiments. We knew about them.



Without thinking a lot, I turned to him, in an earnest, persuasive voice: "Will you forgive me Herr Doctor. I worked two years with oil, and I think that I am incompatible".


Surprised, he asked in a professional amazement: "Yes? Did you work with oil?"


I answered in a cool manner: "Yes, Herr Doctor".



Disappointed, he ordered to his aides: "Remove her from here at once".



I did not work with oil, but with Acetone, in the working camp.


God gave me the inspiration to change the word.



Immediately after they released me, I returned quickly to the camp.


Nothing was done to me later.



To the nine girls they pumped almost all the blood from their body.


They left in them just a drop of blood.


All of them later trembled without a stop.



They gave the Christian girl every day an extra piece of bread with sausage, and she stayed alive.


To the Jewish girls they did not give any additional food.


All of them died.


So pretty they were, the poor girls.



The freak Nazis maintained and developed a hospital in Auschwitz for many experiments of this type, and transfusions and organ planting for wounded soldiers.


They used to take from their victims all the organs, limbs and bones.



Mengele and his aides, many of them Jewish doctors, among many notorious deeds, castrated many guys, and to many girls they took out the uterus.


There are many people who could not bring children because of the experiments.


I know a girl that they made in her experiment in the uterus, in order that she will become infertile. She received a large sum of money as an indemnity, because she had a proof that they made her this.



In Auschwitz, the Germans used to put in the food the chemical substance Bromine, which was destined to depress the sexual desire.


They put in the food also a certain powder which stopped the monthly period of the women.


I did not have a monthly period all that time.


There were women that did not receive the monthly period also after the war.


Some of them had to wait ten or fifteen years before they recovered.




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