Golda's Stories of the Holocaust


Part I - Time

Section 2 Ghetto

Chapter C The rope from bed sheets


A woman that I hide inside her home helps me to escape through the window.



One night I went to a deal of diamonds and dollars at the home of a friend of mine named Vladislav Polak. He lived far away, in an area that I didn't know.


An antisemitic neighbor of him, which he warned me of her, saw me on my way back home, and informed on me immediately to a patrol of two German policemen.


They saw a girl walking alone in the night, identified me and started to chase me.



I entered the stairway of a building in order to hide.


The two Germans chased me into the building.


I climbed rapidly upstairs and knocked on all the doors.



One woman opened for me.


I said in panic: "The Germans are chasing me. There is not a choice, you must help me".


The woman allowed me to enter.



In spite of the pressure I did not lose my nerves. I thought rapidly of a way out.


I went to the closet and I took out sheets.


I tied rapidly three sheets to a long rope and lowered them from the window.



I told her courageously: "Hold the edge"!


And I slipped down.


I escaped a second before the Germans arrived.



I entered the house simply in order to rescue myself.


They would kill me immediately.


They used to kill people simply in the street.




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