Golda's Stories of the Holocaust


Part I - Time

Section 1 in the town Strachovitsa

Chapter F In the ferryboat that cross the river


I want to visit my sister but my guide tells the Germans.



After two weeks we knew for certain that my sister Sonia and her family are in the Piaski area, a territory of marches and sand dunes east to the Visla River.

My father asked me to go there with my sister Elka and check what happened to her.



We came back to Rozvadov, and I went to a gentile guide, who showed people, for payment, how to cross the German lines, in order that he will show us how to arrive there.

I did not know exactly the way, because only gentiles were permitted to move freely in the area.


I agreed with him: "You will receive a worthy amount of silver coins, not bills, after you will transfer us".

Coins were considered more trustworthy at the war time.



After the gentile brought us to the Visla River, I saw that we went only ten minutes. The distance was really short.

I wanted that we shall still have some money.

Therefore I haggled with him: "You did not get so tired. These were only two steps. Take less".


I did not give him more than what he deserved, and on the face of it he did not objected.



Elka and I went on the ferryboat that crossed the river.


We were already about twenty meters from the shore.

Suddenly the gentile started to shout from the shore: "Judea! Judea! Judea! Judea!"



There were few Germans guards on the ferry, because only gentiles were allowed to cross the river.


I understood the danger that he will bring upon us.

I said to Elka to sit on the bench, cover her head, and make herself sleeping.

She looked like a Jew, darkish and with a long nose. I looked more like a gentile.



There were many gentiles on the ferry.

The Germans ordered each one, in his turn, to stand up and raise his head.


I knew that when the turn of my sister will come, there will be a bad end for us. They will throw us to the river.


I stood up suddenly and started shouting aloud, pointing at the instructor on the shore: "Sir! Sir! This is Judea! This is Judea!"


The surprised Germans turned their mind from the ferry, and ordered their friends on the beach to beat the 'Jew' over there.



I saw how a German beat the gentile forcefully with his rifle, strong beats on his back and head.



We were saved. In the meantime the ferry continued to cross the river, and we arrived to the other side in peace.




The Germans threw to the Piaski area all the Jews that they could get. I met there many Jews from Rozvadov. They told that my sister, on the previous day, traveled to Lvov. They gave me signs in different objects that she took with her, like a quilt and few more good things.




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