The Human Shape of the Holy Land

The Holy Land and the Golden Section - Part 2


Here are some examples for the use of the Golden Ratio in Architecture.


The Great Pyramid in Egypt and the Parthenon in Athens are examples from the ancient world.

There is a Golden Ratio between the mast and the side lenghs


The front is a Golden Rectangle, one of the best manifestations of the Golden Ratio


The holiest shrine of the Roman Empire, The Pantheon, was designed according to the Golden Section.


Le-Corbuzier, The famous modern architect, planned the U.N. building in New-york according to it.

Here are examples of the Golden Section in Nature.


1. The distances between the closest planets. 2. The conch shape. 3. The distribution of leafs in a plant.

4. The bee's body size. 5. The flower's size.


The caliper is a special instrument that shows the ratio of 1 to 1.618.


More about Golden Section in Nature



The human body organs are proportioned according to the Golden Section. This was one of the foundations of Classic Hellenistic sculpture.


Classic Greek Sculpture


The fingers lenghs has Golden Ratio


In the Renaissance, Leonardo De Vinci and Michelangelo used it in their famous works of art.

Le-Corbusier designed the 'Modular', a drawing of a man as a base for systematic Architectonic planning.


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