Write yourself some affiliate commission | Author: Theo Swan

The written word, when working with affiliate marketing programs, can be considered online currency. If you like to write, or at least know how to, you can easily convert that writing into affiliate commission. There is virtually no end to what can be done with a few, well written essays, articles or even poetry. No matter what you write, there is somewhere, some way you can make it work for you.

If you know how to express yourself in writing, you should really make a website. In every subject one can think of, there are ways to make money online, just writing about it. If you make a well written site about something, all you need to do is place a few well thought out ads on it, and you are ready to go.

But how will people find the site? That is the beauty with the written word; it is almost made for attracting visitors online. There are many ways of using your texts to attract visitors. If you have a keen interest in a subject – preferably the same subject as your website – you can find a few forums covering the subject, add a signature to your posts, and make it a daily routine to write a few posts daily.

Forum posts have two positive effects on your site:

Every link counts. If you are writing many posts about a subject, and every post contains a link to your page(s), it will bring your site closer to the top on all major search engines. It might not be enough to get a first page placement, but the amount of links and the high relevancy will have a good impact.

Good posts raise interest in people reading them. On an on topic forum, odds are most visitors who read your post will have a similar interest in the matter. Therefore, if you write good posts, many of those readers will click your link and check your site out. People already interested in your topic will stand a much greater chance of clicking an affiliate banner, if you join the right affiliate program.

Another excellent way of using your text is by writing articles. There are numerous article directories accepting submission covering almost any subject. Submitting your articles to a bunch of them will be sure to help your search engine placement and, when people find and read articles, they will often visit the author's site.

Internet marketing – more than off-line marketing – relies on written communication when communicating with your visitors. If you are promoting an affiliate marketing program, you have the opportunity to describe to your visitors why they should; click the ad, buy the product or join the community. If you present your audience with well written reviews on a product, you will be surprised how many will follow your advice.

Finding visitors and making them stay interested with your website can be hard, but if you continue to add interesting information you stand a good chance of succeeding. Remember to join relevant affiliate marketing programs early, you never know if and when your advertising efforts will bring a huge crowd of visitors.

About the Author:

Theo Swan is writing about how to find, and join an affiliate marketing program. Read more about internet marketing at Affiliate Ranker - Marketing resources.