Increase The Likelihood Of Your Email Marketing Campaigns Succeeding By Using Autoresponders | Author: Joe Rispoli

Autoresponders allow you to automatically respond to emails without so much as a click of the mouse.

They are an inexpensive method of quickly responding to emails.

Why are autoresponders essential to your business?

Besides just answering your email, autoresponders can be used to send information about your products or services, advertise your business, or publish articles. Autoresponders can also be set up to gather subscriptions for your ezine or newsletter and then send it out on a predetermined basis.

Why not offer your website visitors bonuses of some kind, such as ebooks or software?

All of this can be handled by autoresponders.

Autoresponders can do alot more then just answer your email. They can send out follow up messages to your prospects at predetermined periods of time. It is a fact that most people do not join any opportunity unless they are exposed to that opportunity over and over again. Have you tried doing that with normal email? I have.

TIP: There are many companies that offer free autoresponders. I would not recommend them because they attach ads to your emails and I want my prospects seeing my ads only. It is worth the small monthly fee for a good autoresponder and I highly recommend GetResponse.

Another great use for autoresponders is to offer training or courses to your website visitors for free. Choose a topic that you are familiar with and that targets your potential customers. Always start with a welcome message explaining what is to follow. Make sure your message is enticing and gets to the point quickly. Let them know that you are offering free, useful information that they will find of great value.

TIP: Do you own a domain? If not, I suggest you get one. It is cheap and will help you brand your business and your name. What does this have to do with autoresponders? Well, with your own domain you can set up different contacts, such as info or ezine and this can help you keep track of your email campaigns.

Using an autoresponder is not about just sending out sales emails constantly.

What is it about?

1. Building a relationship with your website visitors. Sending them information and free stuff, recommending things you think they can use.

2. The freedom to take the day off knowing that when you log in the next day you see that people still bought from you on your day off.

3. Prompt and timely replies. Most people are now accustomed to getting information fast.

4. Saving your valuable time for those tasks that really need your attention.

5. Providing your business with another essential ingredient for successful online marketing.

TIP: Autoresponders build lists. One thing about autoresponders is that you need to solicited email addresses. This is a great way to build an opt in email list for your business to help keep your potential customers within your reach.

It will be your responsibility to keep the people on your list updated and interested. Offer free information, such as a newsletter, something that they can use. Not only will you keep them interested but you can send them to your site over and over, and eventually they may make a purchase. If not, then they may be informed enough to provide word of mouth advertising for you website.

Most successful people on the Internet have a big, responsive list. It does take time and effort, but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

Automate your business as soon as possible and get an autoresponder! They are an effective and powerful marketing tool.

How much money are you losing because you do not have the time to follow up or because you can not get information out quickly enough?

Copyright 2007 by Joe Rispoli

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