How Creative Are You In Promoting Your Web Site? | Author: Terry Detty

A little creativity not only pays, but it can be worth millions of dollars. It really doesn't matter what business you are talking about, this is a rule that applies virtually everywhere. In recent times creativity has paid huge dividends to webmasters and blog site owners who have come up with all sorts of fascinating ways to increase traffic to their sites. Everybody knows that traffic impacts directly on the revenue and profitability of any web site or blog site. Here are a few examples of amazing creativity from webmasters and bloggers in recent times. Some webmasters who have noted the high number of emails that they tend to send out and receive daily have opted to use the power of email to promote their sites. Email signatures that appear at the bottom of every email that you send out are mostly advertising one liners that usually include a live link to a site that can turn out to be very viral and very effective. MSN used it to promote Hotmail so effectively in the early days that the free email service moved from a cold start to a few million users in a few short months. Some webmasters have taken this idea further and have quickly organized email signature exchange groups with other business associates. So instead of carrying only their own signature in every email that goes out, they now carry a couple more, in exchange for the other members in the group doing the same. You can imagine the huge potential audience reached in this way. But perhaps the most creative idea to emerge in recent times is what is known as the link-baiting article. These are articles aimed at getting as many other people as possible to link to a page and site. These one way links tend to bring in an enormous amount of immediate traffic. However they play another much more important role. They help a site dramatically improve on its' ranking with search engines and thus help generate an even higher volume of traffic through search engines. Usually the best results are achieved when these creative methods are combined with conventional means of generating traffic like PPC ads or the purchase link building services.

Actually what any web site really needs are lots of one way links pointing at it. One of the easiest and fastest ways of getting such links is to actually purchase them through a reputable web site or business that will generate links at various relevant sites, all pointing to your web site.

Marketing companies such as (one of the oldest internet marketing companies on the planet) have plenty of services that provide you with one-way links.

PPC advertising can generally have your site receiving a steady flow of very qualified traffic in no time. It is as simple as selecting a few keywords coming up with some attractive headlines and then launching a PPC ad campaign with Google Adwords.

The many techniques of web site promotion are far and wide and can be an enormous pay off in the long run.

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Terry Detty, 42 years old, finds internet marketing his passion. In addition to marketing he enjoys reading, and enjoys a short walk. Majon's link building services; Increase web traffic with one way links.