Tagging and Pinging for Fun and Profit | Author: cody moya

There are course many different ways to market a web site, but tagging and pinging is quickly becoming one of the most important and one of the most effective methods of marketing. In order to use such a strategy effectively, however, it is important to understand just what pinging is, and how it can help your business.

What is Pinging?

Pinging is simply a way to let the various blog tracking services know of the existence of a new blog, or a new post to an existing blog. Sending a small ping to each of these tracking services is one of the best ways to get the word out about a new or existing web site.

Who Should Ping?

Pinging is an important strategy to those seeking commercial gain, of course, but any blogger who wants to get the word out about his or her latest posting should be sure to ping at least the largest blog tracking sites. Doing so is the best way to let the world know that new content is available for view.

Why Should I Ping?

There are many reasons to ping those blogging directories and tracking web sites, from commercial gain to greater visibility to the possibility of incoming links. Pinging is increasingly becoming the preferred method of internet marketing, and those who are able to implement a strong pinging and tagging strategy should have a competitive advantage.

When Should I Ping?

Pinging should only be done when new and useful content has been added to a web site or a blog. Constantly pinging the directories when no new content has been added is known as spam pinging, and the directories are taking an increasingly hard line against this practice.

There is no doubt that pinging is an important strategy, and once web site owners have learned to use this method it can be a great way to generate web site publicity, garner back links and gather the targeted traffic web site owners crave.

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