The Three Ways To Build Web Traffic Explained | Author: Guillermo Puyol

In the following article I will describe the three ways to build web traffic and I will explain the pros and cons of each one of them. Although there are several ways of actually sending traffic to a web site, each and every one of them will fall under one of these three categories. In order to get that constant stream of visitors to your site you can buy, borrow or create traffic. This is a very simplistic look at traffic generation; but after you read about these tactics, I challenge you to find a way of creating web traffic that does not fall into one of them.

Buying traffic is perhaps the fastest and easiest way to getting visitors to your website. Buying traffic is as easy as opening a water faucet. The most common way to buy traffic is by Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. As a PPC advertiser, you will set the price you are willing to pay for each person that clicks on one of your ads. Publishers associated witthe company through which you advertise, will then display your ads in their websites and will get a portion of the amount you paid for those clicks. The major drawback with PPC advertising is that it can cost a pretty penny to master. Most new internet marketers end up breaking their bank before they understand how to get the most bang for their buck. 

Another way to buy traffic for your site is to get involved in Pay Per Impression (PPI) advertising. PPI is similar to PPC, but the major difference is that instead of paying for each person that actually clicks on your ad, you pay for every visitor that gets exposed to it. Prices are typically lower with PPI, but unless you have an effective ad, you might pay and not get any traffic at all. 

To purchase targeted traffic for your website, you can also leverage the power of other people's lists. Some list owners are willing to sell advertising space in their mailings and newsletters. It is important that if you purchase an ad in a mailing list or newsletter, that you thoroughly test the ad copy before hand. Once the list owner hits that send button, there is nothing that you can do to tweak your ad.

At this point, you must be asking yourself what you can do if you are on a tight budget and you cannot afford to pay for traffic. I know I've been there before. The next two tactics I will discuss are free. They will require more time and effort, but they are well worth it.

Another way of getting people to visit your website is by borrowing the traffic from other website owners. If you learn to associate with other website owners in your niche, you can actually establish partnerships or joint ventures that can greatly benefit both of the parties involved. You can trade links so that you link to them and they link back to you. By doing this both of the sites get a fair share of new and fresh traffic. If you have products to sell, you can offer these site owners a commission for each sale they generate, and you can even set up an affiliate program for every visitor of your website to make money for referring others to your site.

The last and by far most rewarding way of bringing traffic to your website if by actually creating the traffic for yourself. You can create traffic by generating valuable content for your visitors. If you have great content, all those who are interested in your niche will actually refer others because of the value they find in it. Another great reason to create great content is that search engines love content rich sites. If you have original content of value to your visitors, search engines are very likely to notice your website. If the site is well optimized it should rank high on the search results. 

Another way of creating your own traffic is by writing articles about your niche and submitting them to the article directories. Article directories are websites specialized in distributing articles as free content to other website owners. The great benefit of getting your articles published in other websites is that you can actually link back to your site from the about box at the end of the article. Not only will this bring targeted traffic to your site, but it will also have a very positive impact on your link popularity, which plays a huge role with the search engines.

Now that you know the three ways you can get traffic to your website, it is time to take action and start experimenting with some of these techniques. Get out there and determine which of these tactics fits your time and budget and start implementing them. Remember! No web traffic tactic works unless you do.

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