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Today, internet marketing has become the number one method of advertising a business. The Internet works for your company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It never sleeps. It never takes a holiday. Everywhere webmasters are utilizing the incredible marketing potential of the Internet. Every day, websites are built to help companies that might never have attracted the right customers instead reach millions. Profit increases, sales are made, and everyone is happy.

But a website is completely useless if it doesn't attract visitors. The way to make money online is by attracting an audience. And the best way to do this is to have great content on your website.

Content is the text and images of your website. The text is the most important for most searches; search engines like Yahoo! and Google seek out keywords and phrases that can only be found in text content on websites. And when the right combination of keywords and phrases are found on your website, they will move you up in the order that you're listed when someone searches for those keywords. For instance, if your site is all about "cat food," then your keyword phrase should be "cat food."

Depending on how your site compares with other sites on cat food, your position in a search list may be high or low. Ideally, you want to be within the first fifty, and higher if possible; few people look beyond the first fifty keyword matches.

But this leaves most webmasters with a problem: how to get that great content on their websites. Few webmasters are prolific writers, and it takes a lot of writing to come up with good content. And even if you have the best mousetrap in the world, if the search engines don't see attractive content, they'll skip right over you to the guy who uses a string and a piece of cheese, but can write good keyword content.

Enter Ghostwritten Keyword Articles

You don't have to write your own keyword articles. Instead, you can purchase keyword articles written by talented writers. These writers sell all legal rights to their articles, generally to a broker you work with directly, and you're allowed to put your own name on these articles as the author.

The benefits of this are:

* You become recognized as the expert you are.

* You can place this high-quality content on your web site, improving the ranking of your website on search engines

* You suddenly gain control over well-written information you can share with your established customers

* Your new customers keep coming back to your website seeking fresh content

Placing great content on your website is not a one-time investment. Web consumers are impatient, looking for information they can apply to their own lives immediately, and are always hunger for fresh data. If you're selling cat food, one article on vitamin-fortified tuna for cats isn't enough; you'll need to keep placing information online to keep customers coming back. And article brokers can help you do this, with each fresh article gradually increasing your search ranking as the search engine spiders learn that you have frequent fresh high-quality information.

But that's not all.

In addition to placing these articles on your own web site, you can register as an author with an online article directory. These directories are repositories of article content written for specified keywords by various authors. These directories allow you to search through hundreds of quality articles, choosing the ones that best express the ideas behind your website. And the service is generally free; once you have registered with the site and chosen articles, you can add the articles to your website.

So why, you ask, should you hand over the article you just bought to someone else for free?

The hitch to online article directories is that the user needs to include the resource box embedded in each article, the box leading to the author's own website. When someone uses your article, they're creating a link to your website.

Besides keywords, search engines look for links to your website when they're ranking your website. The more people who use your article, the more likely you are to see your ranking move upward. Everyone wins: the writer is paid, you have great content on your site, the other person using the article gets great content as well, and you get a link back to your website from them - free advertisement and upward movement again in the search engines.

About the Author:

Cody Moya is a successful internet marketer who offers Free Internet Marketing Courses or free.