There are a number of factors that goes on to make a sizzling website. It is important to have all these elements in place, i.e. navigation, content, promos etc and the essence lies in functionality.

There are several ingredients to making a good website.

Easy Navigation and Easy to Read: A website needs to be properly structured and organized. Poor organization is the main cause of a poor site. For this purpose, navigation should be user friendly and visitors should find it easy to get around your site. They should feel comfortable and should get prompt information on things they are looking for.

Fresh Content: It is important to keep adding an element of freshness for your visitors, and especially for search engines. In this way you give your visitors enough reasons to come back to your site. If you are offering quality content with originality, then they will be eager to come back and see what's new in your world.

Smart use of Graphics: A careful and intelligent use of graphics and images is utmost essential to design a successful websites. Graphics should be of a reasonable size so that they get loaded at the right speed and at the same time, keeping the interest of the reader intact. The next thing is to add images, just enough to catch attention, keep them interested. Yet, not over done to the point that that message you are trying to get out is being blind-sided.

Increase viewer participation: Interactive communication through websites augments the interest of your viewers, whether it's through filling in a simple contact form, or having a weekly poll. Their participation enhances web presence and visibility. You could certainly go into more depth, like forums and the like, but even the small simple things work.

Research: A lot of time should be spent on trying to learn how to capture your audience, what is it that will make them remember you and more importantly, want to return back to your site again and again. This is one of those times you need to think out-of-the-box.

To sum it up, just make sure you use all of the main ingredients in the correct proportion.

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