Information Products - Create Your Own! | Author: Glenn Jones

If you have been working with Internet marketing for any length of time, you are aware of the fact that information products

are one of the most profitable things that you can sell online. Information products may take the form of eBooks, special

reports or articles which you offer for a price.

In theory, preparing information products is quite easy. All you need are three things:

1. Information 2. Writing skills 3. Web page

Information is the motor that drives the World Wide Web. This is why the Internet is called "the information superhighway."

If you know how to provide the right kind of information, you can write you own ticket. This is especially true if you

manage to find a niche market where you have little or no competition. Just remember that people demand quality content that

will answer their questions and meet their needs. Lets look at some of these information products.

An eBook is very similar to a Special Report. The only difference is the length of the product. An eBook is a work with 30

pages or more, while a Special Report has fewer than thirty pages. Obviously an eBook can go into greater detail and cover a

wider range of information than the Special Report. Now that we know what it is, how do we come up with the information?

1. First pick a topic from any niche you have an interest in. Look at websites that cover your topic. Read the blogs

and bulletin boards. What questions are people asking? If you can answer their questions, you have the topic for your eBook!

Your topic will provide the information your niche audience is looking for. For example, if your niche market is fly

fishermen, you might provide information on where to get the best supplies, or where the best fishing locations are in your

area. The possibilities are limitless.

2. Do your homework! This is very important. Remember what I said about quality? People are willing to pay for good

information and that is what they deserve. Provide the best information available, and you will have all the customers you

can handle.

3. Third, outline your information. Even good information has to be organized! Using our fishing illustration, you might

list the top three fishing sites as the key points of your outline. Under each of these you might add details like best

times to fish, available accommodations, distance, fee and regulations, contact information, etc. Fill in your outline with

the information you have researched. A word of caution: Do Not Plagiarize!! Respect the work of others. Your eBook must be

an original work. If you quote someone, give him or her credit for the information. This will help you avoid some real

problems in the future and is the right thing to do!

4. After you finish your outline, you can easily write up the rough draft of your eBook. After you proof-read, make any

necessary changes or corrections. Have someone else read you eBook as well. A fresh set of eyes will pick up any mistakes

you may have missed. Remember quality is the goal.

5. With your error-free manuscript completed, you now need to come up with an attractive and attention-grabbing eCover. The

old saying that you can't judge a book by its cover is FALSE! There are usually many eBooks available on any subject. You

want your book to be the one purchased. The book cover must get the attention of the buyer. Choosing the best cover you

possibly can will boost your sales dramatically!

6. To make your eBook available to the greatest number of potential customers, you will need to convert your manuscript into

pdf format. A wide variety of computer platforms recognize this file type. Instructions on how to do this are readily

available if you don't know how to do this yet.

Your information product is now ready to be sold!

If you don't have the necessary writing skills, or you simply don't have the time required to produce an information product,

there is still hope! One way is to use outsourcing. You simply use the services of an outside party to help you prepare the

information products you have in mind. Another option is to purchase the private label rights (PLR) for an eBook someone

else has already written. Products sold with PLR allow the purchaser to alter the contents of the eBook and even name

themselves as the author of the work. This is a common practice in the industry.

As you can see, there is really no reason why you can't be the author of a best selling information product! If your desire

is to help people and make money at the same time, then creating information products may be the way for you to go.

About the Author:

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Glenn is an author and Internet marketer who specializes in home based business ideas and opportunities.