The Reasons You Are Failing To Make Money Online | Author: Sean Grimes

Are you making money every single day? I doubt it!

Is it the fault of the 'net that you're failing? You might like to think so, but the evidence is strikingly against you. Every day people worldwide profit online. What's more the pace at which more and more people become online millionares is nothing short of electrifying.

So, what's the problem then?

As a successful Internet Marketer, I'm going to tell you exactly what's wrong and what you need to do. All you have to do is answer YES to 5 simple questions. When you do you're on the sure and certain track to consistent online profit. See for yourself...

Do You Have A Domain?

100% of the people profiting online have a domain. If you've answered NO to this question you CANNOT make money online. A domain is Internet 'real estate'. It's the foundation of ALL 'net success because only with a domain do you have a property to develop and one where you can direct all traffic. A domain -- -- is the first essential pre-condition of success. No domain = No profit.

Do You Have Content Management?

What do you think happens with the sites owned by people profiting online? Do you think they create a site and leave it the same way forever? NO WAY! People who are profiting online approach their job like the brightest and most active retailers. That is, they are constantly adding to and improving their websites, so these never lose their sense of excitement and currency. They change design elements! Content! Arrangement! Why? To keep things fresh, new, and attractive for visitors. What helps them achieve these crucial objectives? An easy-to-use content management tool. This tool enables the site owner to add and delete pages, verbiage, graphics, links, anything in fact that's about content. Without it you've doomed your website to getting old and tired fast!

Do You Have Prospect Mangement?

How do you organize your prospects? Do you have a way to capture prospect information, store it, access it, and easily use it? If you're saying NO to these questions, you've got a BIG problem. Here's one of the truest sayings in business, 'Today's prospects are tomorrow's profits.' But what if you don't know who your prospects are and how to get in touch with them? People who get rich in business are people who are careful about gathering and preserving prospect data. That's because they know that people buy when they want to buy, not when the seller wants to sell. To make this happen, the seller must constantly stay in touch. This is precisely what the prospect manager tool enables you to do and that's why it's so crucial.

Are You Informed The Minute Anyone Visits Your Website?

The average website owner is bleeding to death. Sure he may get traffic, lots of traffic. However, the problem is he doesn't usually know it. People visit the site, check it out, then leave -- all without the site owner ever knowing it. Madness!

What's the money-making solution?

"Who's Logged In'! With this crucial tool, WHENEVER anyone visits your website, you are automatically emailed a message by the system. This message includes the visitor's name, email address, telephone number AND the page(s) they've visiting. Armed with these vital details, you're able to respond at once and engage this prospect to make a sale. With 'Who's Logged In' you're working only fresh, qualified leads -- all day, every day. No wonder people who have this superb tool report constant sales. They're shooting fish in a barrel.

Have You Been Trained To Profit Online? How many years were you in school? In college? How much professional and ongoing training have you had in your field of endeavor? Now -- how much training and hands-on instruction have you had about succeeding online? Exactly. Like millions of people worldwide, you just don't know what you're doing online. And until you get this professional help, you're going to keep failing. You need to know what the Internet is, how it works, the tools you need, etc.


If you answered NO to even a single one of these 5 important questions, it's no surprise you're failing online. The question is: what do you intend to do about it? I recommend registering now for INTERNET INSTRUCTION from who's been training people like you to succeed online since 1994. This instruction is detailed, methodical, and it's FREE! To get started TODAY, just register at:

Once you have, log in and attend either today's live webcast or watch the recorded version. Either way, you can get started NOW! The Internet's here to stay, more important every single day. Make a decision. Keep failing or get the instruction you need to guarantee your online success.

Sean Grimes who lives in Ofallon, Missouri, is an Internet Marketer. For more home business ideas and solutions, please visit: http://WWW.GuideMax.Net

About the Author:

Sean Grimes who lives in Ofallon, Missouri, is an Internet Marketer. For more home business ideas and solutions, please visit: http://WWW.GuideMax.Net