Creating Fresh Content for Websites | Author: Joneil Alcock

Adding quality content to a website is essential in keeping a website "sticky" for search engines. It keeps visitors coming back for more information and it will ensure that others will link to your site. Your target audience will keep coming back as the website doesn't remain the same but changes constantly with updates and knowledge they require.

There are some very essential ways that can be used to foster more content on your page. One method which many webmasters use is to write articles or new pages of interest that will keep visitors interested to return. Forums and blogs also add more content and if the author writes regularly he/she can have unique visitors to the website daily. If you run out of ideas for content Traffic Equalizer is a useful product for creating content rich pages.

Most websites place a frequently asked question (FAQ) page on their site for whatever product or service they offer. Information for this can come from questions viewers ask about the website services. It is essential that the sites keep a comments page or support email open for queries from visitors.

Another good method is to interview experts in your field or target market about common issues/problems and include their answers as part of your main page. This will enhance the honesty and popularity factor of the site as the known expert may be seen to be endorsing your website content, product or services. Some people might write an e-book for their target audience and then include the interview as part of the content of the book. Both ways tend to work and adds a creative edge to the information you are giving.

A relatively easy method of keeping content fresh is to include rss feeds on your website. Rss feeds are basically links to updated content from some reputed website. RSS Equalizer is a tool that can be used to include quality rss feeds on your site. Many links from other reputed sources on your site will also enhance its integrity in the eyes of many search engines.

Many websites offer a monthly newsletter which gives tips, information, promotions and products related to the specified field from their site. This is a good way to keep customers and visitors informed about news updates in your field and offer promotions and services on the back-end.

On the main page of your website you can include regular updated advice or tips on matters pertaining to your field. If you have products selling or services offering you can apply this to them as well. People love to see new information and tidbits pertaining to services that companies offer.

Of late, information provided via the visual format is a hit. It is so much easier for people to understand a video tutorial on some product or service you offer than just giving written instructions. Videos don't have to be used as promotions for services alone, they can be used to give how-to guides and practical tutorials.

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