Site Build It: Is it Worth the Money? | Author: Eric Nelson

Site Build It is probably the best way to get started with internet marketing. This is more true for someone that has little knowledge of building websites and making money from them. More experienced marketers may find the information in Site Build It to be invaluable.

Actually, I'm a former SBI'er and Ken Evoy's system is exactly how I got my start with affiliate marketing. He is still one of my inspirations for being an internet marketer.

That being said, is Site Build It worth the hefty price tag? I believe the answer is based upon the experience of the person who is buying. I'm talking about experience in affiliate marketing, and with building websites.

Site Build It has a wealth of knowledge concerning internet marketing. It is quite possibly one of the best resources about the subject on the internet. Ken Evoy has even written the affiliate marketing bible with his e-book 'The Affiliates Master Cours'.

Also, making money on the internet is almost all about building websites. Do you know how to build a website? If not, Site Build It is a great way to get started. You don't have to know anything and you'll be able to get a site up in no time.

Earlier I said that Site Build It had a hefty price tag. This is only somewhat true. Compared to all the tools and information they provide you with, you could easily pay the same amount.

Unless you have some experience, I would almost guarantee you'll probably end up paying the same amount or even more.

After saying all of that, I whole heartedly recommend Site Build It. It is an excellent way to catch up to the rest of the internet marketing crowd.

Earlier I said I've moved on from Site Build It and you may be wondering why. Actually, I miss owning a Site Build It website and being a part of their whole community.

The reason I left is becauseI learned so much about HTML and building websites, I felt I was able to go off on my own. I was also able to host more websites for the price of what one Site Build It site cost me. I have to say I was scared to make the leap away from SBI.

Actually, the site I started with Site Build It is my best performer. It has the best rankings in the search engines and gets more traffic than my other sites. Maybe I wasn't so smart to leave after all.

There are cheaper alternatives such as buying webhosting and using the very popular blog tool Wordpress. However, if you don't have experience with internet marketing you are going to shell out a lot of money for very little information and end up learning less than you would have with Site Build It.

Site Build It gives you all the information you will ever need and it's already packaged into the price of their whole system. Also, the information is always updated, so you don't have to worry about being left behind in the ever changing affiliate marketing world.

Anyway, back to the question at hand. Is Site Build It worth the price? Yes, without a doubt it is worth the money. If you are worried about the price, you shouldn't be. I actually made double what I paid for SBI in the first year I used it. Site Build It, basically, paid for itself.

The site that I started initially with Site Build It now makes me five times more than what SBI costs and this is only after two years. Now that's a good return on investment.

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