SiteBuildIt, SiteSell and Ken Evoy | Author: Davin Ogden

SiteBuildIt is owned and operated by Ken Evoy, a Canadian Physician turned entrepreneur. He is a well respected Internet Marketer throughout the world and has written numerous highly acclaimed ebooks and is the creator of, SiteBuildIt.

SiteBuildIt is a revolutionary site builder designed to make small business owners a success on the net. Ken Evoy actually saved me what would of been months, I'm sure, of trying endlessly to have a website that actually worked for the purpose of marketing with his ebook called Make Your Site Sell. NOW FREE! He is also the one who really finally started me in the 'how" to market properly. The tools that are included with the SBI package are unbelievable. They will literally save you weeks of research, and turn your website into a monetization site almost immediately. I can't say enough about it. Whether your an html wizard or just starting out, Ken's program has everything you need to build a powerful lucrative site. Some of the more experienced internet marketers might find building their sites a little to constrictive with SBI, but with all the lucrative marketing tools it's great for newbies or professionals. If you really want to get off to a good start, then you absolutely have to check it out.

Sitesell and SiteBuildIt have literally taken thousands of average people from not having an online business to having excellent results in a matter of months. Some people when they first look at SBI don't really understand that their offline business can be turned into an online business as well, quite easily. The proper knowledge and the understanding of this comes from all of the great support and training that comes with every SBI package. The tools, the knowledge, the support is exactly what SiteBuildIt in known for and what Ken and his team set out to do. It's not overblown hype at all. If anything I think Ken Evoy is a little modest about the whole thing. He is just a real guy with a real desire to help people achieve their dreams.

I really have to mention something about the support team at Sitesell. They assign you a support person that basically you stick with. The fellow I've been talking to is Judd. Now Judd used to be in the same situation as most, until becoming a SBI customer. He did so well with Ken alongside him, that he was offered a job at Sitesell. Whenever I've had any sort of question about the products I've boughten through the company, Judd himself will email me back very shortly and help me out until the issue is solved, whatever it may be. It's not usually anything but an oversight on my part and perhaps I had made a mistake with something. Sitesell and SBI have just recently given the whole package a face lift and a revamp. Incredible, incredible, incredible. I've never seen such dedication to the services they provide. The list of features could well take me hours to write about, there is just plain to many, but SBI offers a great set of video demos for people that would like to see this powerhouse at work. I suggest you have a look and see for yourself why SBI has so many dedicated and loyal customers, and have built a reputation for giving people a real viable business solution.


About the Author:

Davin Ogden is recognized and certified IT Support Specialist. He has performed contract work with IBM, Walmart, and several Canadian Bank chains. Davin now runs LuvComputers on the internet, and is an avid internet marketing enthusiast.