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Do you want a web site but don't know where to start?

What if you don't know anything about the internet?

You can have a professional web site even if you don't know anything about the Internet. In a moment I'm going to give you some valuable information about a company called Sitebuildit (SBI!).

But first Here's my story.

I didn't have any internet experience and all that technical stuff seemed like way too much to deal with.

But I wanted a web site, so doing nothing was not an option.

So I started doing research on what it takes to build a web site and I surfed all over the net. But I found all the information somewhat overwhelming and confusing. Sound familiar?

A whole bunch of people online are trying to convince you that they have the "secret" to success on the internet.

You quickly find yourself on information overload.

To build your web site you need a company to host your web site (the company that puts your site on the internet), you also need a company that can provide marketing services to get your site to all the search engines and directories so people can find you among the other zillions of web sites.

So What's The Answer?

While lots of folks claim to have them, there are no secrets to success on the internet. There is a learning curve, but the information is readily available if you're willing to spend some time discovering a few basic principals.

Your Answer

What you need right now is a company that offers an all-in-one package. Site building, site hosting and site marketing services.

Several internet companies that offer site building, site hosting and site marketing services.

But I found one that I am 100 percent happy with for a number of reasons.

In making your decision, look for the company that handles all the technical stuff for you at no extra charge.

You want to build your web site using a system that helps you produce a professional web site easily and quickly.

The company you choose should also provide some marketing services at no additional charge.

And the company you choose should provide you with on-going information updates, forums for discussing issues with other users and should provide you with detailed traffic reports so you can clearly see how well your site is doing.

I use Sitebuildit and I could not be happier with their service.

They offer you an all-in-one approach so you don't have to put together an intricate package of expensive software tools.

And Sitebuildit can show you proof that their system works. So far, I haven't found anyone else that can do that.

I now have three successful sites with SBI! with more planned.

Your Success

Your web site can be a part-time or full-time business and it can be a fun, creative and challenging experience.

Build A Web Site That Works. - The Bottom Line

There are companies out there that provide site building tools, web hosting and internet marketing services.

I found one that I'm 100 percent happy with and you can click on the link below to learn more.

About the Author:

Mike Dougherty is a success webmaster with a number of web sites. To learn more about Sitebuildit visit