Site Build It - A Residual Income for Life? | Author: Fraser Baillie

Site build it is fast becoming the website building and marketing tool kit of choice.

So why is it so different from every other product offering web hosting and marketing support?

Because it acts upon the fundamental reality of the way people use the web.
Most online businesses fail because they do not recognise and act upon the profound difference between online and offline commerce. Offline businesses attract customers by being in the right location, it’s all about location, location, location. Online, there is a fundamental difference, people use the web to search for information, its all about information, information, information.

Successful online businesses act upon this fundamental difference and provide services tailored to work with online behaviour.

Site Build It provides a platform and a process which almost guarantees success. The process is defined into ten consecutive sections, which equate to one day each. Regardless of your level of experience you just have to follow the steps one day at a time. What you end up with is a content rich website fully optimised against the any specific search terms you choose. Simple!

It’s all about content, your information on a subject you’re passionate about, and traffic, the people online searching for your information. Once visitors find your website, and if you follow the process they will do, you provide great content to establish yourself as a credible source of information. This in effect presells the visitor to buy whatever it is you wish to sell.

The beauty of this approach is that as your website grows, your traffic grows and if you presell with great content, your bank balance grows. Keep your content rich and fresh with the latest news relating to your content and you will grow a residual income that will continue for as long as you choose to run the website.

Site Build It is the future of website design and marketing for ecommerce, for those interested in affiliate marketing, the Site Build It affiliate program is ranked number one. Not only do you get great commission for each sale you make, you get the renewal commission every year your customer keeps their website online. Every sale your customer makes, you get a cut on, and a share of their annual renewals. It is a truly viral program that allows you to keep your customer for life.

All in all I’d recommend everyone buy site build it even if it’s just to use as an alternative to Face book, there are always thousands of people who want to hear what you have to say. If you want to find out more feel free to contact me through my website there are some great strategies for generating income using site build it, which i can show you how to advertise for FREE!

Long live the web!!!

About the Author:

Fraser Baillie is a former Stockbroker, Independent Financial Adviser and previously owned a mortgage brokerage. He gave it all up to concentrate his time on publishing