There are a number of things which can put off a potential webmaster/mistress, most of which relate to the apparent technical nature of web design/publishing. ">

XsitePro: The Lazy Man's (or Woman's) Way to Produce Quality Websites | Author: Darren A Gibson

How many people would love to have their own website (to promote their business, hobby, club or family homepage), but think it would be too much hassle? After all, you need to know HTML to build a website - don't you?

There are a number of things which can put off a potential webmaster/mistress, most of which relate to the apparent technical nature of web design/publishing. The purpose of this article is to help dismiss those fears and suggest ways to create your own websites without technical know-how.

It is true that, until recently, it was necessary to create web pages in 'raw' html. Not so nowadays. There are now a number of WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) web page editors that simplify the process. If you are able to create a document using a word processor such as Word, then chances are you will have no problem using a WYSIWYG editor to create your pages. Prices range from zero (yes, you read correctly) for NVU - a fully featured open source program - to several hundred for Macromedia (Adobe) Dreamweaver.

Many of the WYSIWYG programs on the market also incorporate some form of inbuilt publishing capability, meaning they actually put all the files needed to produce your completed website onto the web server. One such program is XsitePro from Intellimon. Initially aimed at internet marketers, XsitePro is equally suited to novice webmasters who want to get a quality site published quickly and easily.

Using the term "lazy" in the title is actually an insult to those intelligent enough to use the most time efficient means to get their work published, so they can focus on the content on their site. Ask yourself this question -would you rather spend several hours building one page (most of which will be spent on the layout and not the content), or less than an hour to produce an entire site? Using XsitePro, it is possible to build a complete site, optimized for search engines with navigation and site maps for both humans and search engine spiders in about 50 minutes.

Once you have selected your initial page layout options, you can literally either type in or copy and paste your content. XsitePro also has a spell check tool, so you can avoid the embarrassment of mis-spelled words on your site. If you do wish to make money from affiliate or advertising programs such as Google Adsense, you can add these with a right click of the mouse.

The sitemaps and navigation are created automatically, which reduces the time required both when creating the site initially and when updating the site (imagine you have a 100 page website and you want to add more pages. With traditional WYSIWYG software, you would need to update the navigation in every page plus the sitemap individually).

From the perspective of someone who would prefer to concentrate his or her efforts on creating quality content, XsitePro is an essential tool. Also, with the built in search engine optimization tools, you can make sure your site gets indexed quickly so that the fruits of your efforts can be seen by as many visitors as possible.

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