Writing and Submitting Articles as a Marketing Technique! | Author: karl glantschnig

Writing articles on topics that I know help me in my advertising efforts!

A: Yes, writing articles on topics about which you are knowledgeable is another way you can drive traffic to your Website or business. There are many people who are now finding this venue rewarding in several areas. Writing articles can drive people to your Website and co-brand you as a person with a specific area of expertise on the Internet or in magazines. For example, suppose your knowledge is on ways that you have built your e-mail marketing list and how you use them. There are people who want to know how others have done just this and want to have a guide who can help them. If your article on the subject is good, you will become a mentor to them.

Q: I still am not sure how this can help me when I don't have a product, website, or a business. For people like me, how can this be a marketing tool?

A: There are many people in this situation. By writing your articles on the topics about which you have knowledge and interest, you begin to establish yourself as an "expert" in these areas. After your articles have been accepted by various Websites, magazines, newspapers, and other sources, they could realistically lead to a paid writing position for these sources.

Q: How would I submit articles that I have written to sites on the Internet?

A: You can do searches on several search engines for "article submission sites" to find many sites to which you can submit your articles. Read through some of the sites to see what their requirements are for you to submit your articles. There are many sites that will only accept articles that meet the needs of their readers, so use common sense. For example, you wouldn't submit an article to a site that only accepts e-books, nor to a sight which relates to health products if your article is about Internet marketing.

Q: What is a bio? I noticed this as a requirement on a site in its instructions on how to submit to their site.

A: A bio is a short paragraph at the bottom of the article about yourself and what you do. If you have your own Website, this is where you would list a URL to your site to give visitors a chance to learn more about you, your business or products. This also can be called a signature. You probably have seen signatures at the bottom of e-mails that you have received from companies that tell about their company and what they do.

Q: So having a bio at the end of my article is what brings attention to me and my business or site?

A: Yes. This can also be called brand or viral marketing, when the person who reads your article and finds it of sufficient interest to click on your URL, look into your business, or look for more articles you have written.

Q: Why do some sites have a submission form and some have you send your article to them via e-mail? Why do they need an e-mail to contact me?

A: The method of submission is just a preference of the site owner. Neither is better than the other. Having your e-mail will give them a way to contact you if they have any questions for you about your article before they include it on their site.

Q: How would I go about submitting my articles to magazines or newspapers?

A: Magazines and newspapers usually have a submission area somewhere in their print copy on how to do this and where to send them along with their requirements. Most are generally located at the front of the print copy. By submitting your articles to print as well as online publications, you can expose yourself to those who may not have a computer or to those who may only use the Internet occasionally for research, surfing, or for enjoyment.

Q: I have my own Website; can I place my articles on it too?

A: By all means, yes. Content-rich Websites have a greater chance of being noticed by people who are surfing for specific topics.

Q: Does it take more time to submit articles to sites than other types of advertising methods?

A: While this obviously depends on you and your research and writing speed, I find that it takes about the same amount of time or even less time on some occasions. It is certainly less expensive than many other methods of advertising!

Q: Why use articles?

A: Many people surf the Internet or read print articles for more information about things that interest them. Articles can be another good way to help boost your business and product sales, because when the reader of the article clicks on your URL in your bio at the bottom of your article, they will see your products or services and perhaps make a purchase.

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