Bangkok Soapy Massage Parlors - Is it worth your money? | Author: Jim Hunt

Bangkok's soapy massage parlors are the stuff that dreams are made of. It has enticed and drawn men from all corners of the globe to pay a visit to one of these infamous fronts for sex in Bangkok. But is it worth the trip? Most importantly, is it worth your money?

The majority of Bangkok's soapy massage parlors are located along Ratchadapidesek road. The MRT (underground trains) will take you to most of them easily. Just stop of at Huay Kwang station and get out on exit 3. Outside you'll find Emmanuelle, Nataree, Caesars and a few other smaller soapy massage parlors. There are others but these are the easiest to get to.

What do you get in a soapy massage parlor?

Well lets not rush into things. Normally when you go inside a soapy massage parlor you'll see ladies sitting behind a glass window or fishbowl. You'll also find ladies sitting and lounging around on chairs, these ladies are called side-liners and sometimes called models.

What's the difference you say? I've been going to soapy massage parlors in Bangkok for awhile, at least 7 years. I've noticed the trend that a mix of older ladies sit behind the fishbowl while the younger ladies sit on the sidelines.

The difference is fishbowl girls will give you the full service treatment. Which is both of you hop into a bathtub and she proceeds to wash your body all over. After that it's a body massage on the bed followed by intercourse.

But if you choose a sideline girl she'll never give you a massage but she'll do everything else.

The dilemma is sideline girls are younger and often prettier but they'll cost more, usually around 2500 Baht. Fishbowl girls are around 1500 Baht - 2000 Baht.

Just recently I'm seeing the trend that all ladies working in Bangkok's soapy massage parlors stop giving massages, even in the fishbowls.

I think they've finally realized that they don't have to do extra work and still make the same amount of money. But for customers like us it's just a total lost.

So are soapy massage parlors still worth it? Until the ladies start providing massages yes. But until then I give it a pass.

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Jim Hunt is an expat in Thailand. Through the dozen years he's been living there he has become the unofficial welcome mat to visiting friends from all over the world. He is also a contributor to the Internet's definitive source on girl friendly hotels.

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