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Before arriving in Shanghai, you're probably wondering what you should visit first or how you should plan your trip because of time limit. Well, I've come up with a "top 5" that you any visitors to Shanghai should visit.

Nan Jing Road

The most popular and one of the most important street in Shanghai. Nan Jing Road is where you will find all the best shopping malls on the Pu Xi side. There's also hundreds of boutiques through the street. You will find every single brand in the world on that street. Some of the most famous shopping malls such as the Plaza 66, Citic Plaza and the Westgate Mall are there. And the best thing is that all three of those malls are located just one beside each other! If you think you are a real shopper, try taking all 3 in one day.

Xin Tian Di

Located on Huang Pi Nan Road, this small section of the city known as Xin Tian Di is where the old meets the new. With its old and antique looks Xin Tian Di is a fashionable pedestrian street where you will find some of the most upscale boutiques, restaurants, bars and coffee houses in Shanghai. It is also where you will the most foreigner by the square meter.

Huang Pu River & The Bund

Another beautiful sight in Shanghai is the Bund, located on Zhong Shan. Probably one of the oldest one, the Bund is located on the east coast of the Huang Pu River and has some of the best views of Pu Dong. Not only do you get a great view of Pu Dong but also with the new lights installed, you will find that the Bund is an extremely beautiful sight at night. Since 2006 the Shanghai's municipality has ordered the removal of all publicity on the Bund.

Oriental Pearl Tv

Located on the Pu Dong side of Shanghai, the Oriental Pearl Tv is the third tallest tower in the world and tallest tower in Asia. At the top is a nice sightseeing room and you can get a great view of the city and the Bund. The best time to see it would be at night when all the lights from the Bund are turned on.

Jin Mao Tower

Neighbour tower to the Oriental Pearl Tv and only a couple of meters shorter than the Tv station, the Jin Mao is completely different from the Oriental Pearl Tv. This 88 stories high building is mainly used for business purposes. Doesn't seem appealing? It has an observatory deck on the 88th floor that will give you another view of Shanghai also, a nice restaurant on the 87th floor but most of all, this is where you will find the highest hotel in the world! The Regency Grand Hyatt hotel; located from floors 53 to 87 try spending a night at the top of the world, you'll be amazed.

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