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Holiday resorts for swingers have made swinging holidays highly popular. As the concept of living the swingers lifestyle is gaining social acceptance and respectability with the popularity of Swinger resorts is also increasing day by day. For more than two decades, the Hedonism Resorts in Jamaica are providing a swinging experience to lots of enthusiastic couples. Recently, several Swinger resorts have been establishing themselves as popular holiday spots in Spain for the British and other European swingers.

The Spanish Swinger resorts are quite popular when compared to the Caribbean ones. Most of the British swingers don't see this as a disadvantage, rather, they prefer to avoid the pre-organized events, which on the other hand are very much popular with the swingers of USA, who prefer the resorts present in the Caribbean. In Spain, the Swinger resorts are often no bigger than a large villa which is at least suitable for accommodating as few as four couples per holiday.

Around twenty minutes away from Spain's Costa Blanca (the white coast), there is one such resort that consists of four luxury villas. These villas are located in a very beautiful valley and offer seclusion and natural beauty for all those who want to enjoy a quiet but still a highly erotic holiday.

Swinger couples who are renting these villas share naked sunbathing around a lovely swimming pool. The only time the holiday becomes a bit more organized is on Saturday nights when the swinger parties are held. Most of the people there are the visitors who may be staying at the Swinger resorts in that area and also there are some local swingers as well.
In Spain there is a swinger holiday hotel consisting of eighty rooms and three suites for swinger groups. The hotel is located on the Costa Del Sol very near to Malaga. Further east along the coast another similar villa offers swinger holidays with regular parties.

On the Canary Islands there are popular swinger resort, on Fuerteventura and Tenerife. On Gran Canaria there is a popular swinger party venue where one can find something going on any night of the week.

The Swinger resorts referred to above are just a few examples from the various resorts that are growing up in Spain. The ones which are described above are located in the coastal region but if one does not mind being an hour or so from the nearest beach then there are some very good resorts to be found further inland.

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