Top 10 Fun Things for Couples to Do in a Romantic Getaway | Author: Jonathan Sapling

Are you planning a romantic getaway vacation with your significant other? If you want a great romantic getaway, you need to know these 10 fun tips we have for you on making the most of your trip and having the best romantic getaway ever!

If you really want to make the most of your romantic getaway, there are many different things you can do. We are going to share with you some of our favorite 10 fun things to do on your romantic getaway.

1. Play games together - That's right; we're not talking child's play here. There are many fun, romantic couple games you can play with your lover and it can make a fun and exciting pastime while on your romantic getaway. There are also toys and items you can buy to make this more fun or easier for you. Look for items such as seductive dice, glow-in-the-dark body paints and more.

2. A couple's massage - Visit a spa or massage parlor and get a massage together or spend some fun time alone and massage each other. Gather some books or videos on couple massage to learn how you can make each other feel wonderful.

3. Go skinny dipping - That's right; we said skinny dipping. If you haven't done it since you were a teenager, you've been missing out. What can be more fun and tantalizing than swimming in the nude with the love of your life? Just make sure you do it in a place that is clean and that is allowed. Don't try to skinny dip in a public pool, etc.

4. Eat an exotic meal - Have a fancy dinner together. Try a dish or cuisine you have never had before. Eat at an exotic restaurant or cook something new together at home.

5. Get pampered at the spa - Take a trip to the spa together and get facials, mud baths or some other relaxing treatments. It can be very romantic to do together.

6. Go diving/snorkeling together - If you are going to be on our romantic vacation somewhere near the ocean, look into companies that offer the opportunity to go snorkeling or scuba diving. This is a fun, exciting, romantic activity you can enjoy together and that you will remember for a lifetime.

7. Create your own adventure day - Using activities you have both thought about wanting to try one day or being able to experience, plan an adventure day where you strive to achieve these activities. Compromise and try out one another's romantic adventure ideas.

8. Have a caricature drawn - This service is easily available in most tourist locations. In other locations, you may have to dig a little deeper to seek them out. Have someone draw a caricature of you and your special someone. You will then have a fun and cute work of art to always remind you of your trip together.

9. Find an old drive-in movie theater - Locate a place that still shows drive in movies. Show up to one and make out in the backseat!

10. Role play - Another fun idea for your romantic getaway is to role play like you are really someone else. You can really get into your roles and buy or make costumes, give each other different names and more. Be creative!

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