Cure Anxiety And Panic Attack Symptoms For Good! | Author: Jeff Smith

Could a cure for anxiety and panic attack symptoms really exist? For those who have ever suffered a debilitating panic or anxiety attack, you will no doubt relate to this list of symptoms:

* Heart Palpatations

* Profuse sweating

* Difficulty breathing

* Trouble digesting food or choking feeling

* Tightness in your chest

* Gas, or general abdominal discomfort

* Spaciness or even seeming loss of balance

* Constant living in fear

* Chronic feeling of losing control

* Sudden changes in temperature or facial redness

No matter how often you experience attacks with these symptoms, the fact is your life becomes a living hell because you are overtaken with fear, not knowing when another panic attack symptom may uncontrollably take over your body or mind.

Until seeing the "Panic Away Program" over at, I would have never believed the problem of panic attacks were so common nor would I have believed there was a way to cure anxiety and panic attack symptoms without loading down on medication

Just try to imagine what it feels like to experience one, if you can.

Here is a typical example:

Standing in a supermarket queue, it's been a long wait but only one customer to go before you make it to the cashier. Wait, what was that sensation? An unpleasant feeling forms in your throat, your chest feels tighter, now a sudden shortness of breath, and what do you know--your heart skips a beat. "Please, God, not here."

A quick scan of the territory--is it threatening? Four unfriendly faces queue behind, one person in front. Pins and needles seem to prick you through your left arm, you feel slightly dizzy, and then the explosion of fear as you dread the worst. You are about to have a panic attack.

There is no doubt in your mind now that this is going to be a big one. Okay, focus: Remember what you have been taught, and it is time now to apply the coping techniques. Begin the deep breathing exercise your doctor recommended. In through the nose, out through the mouth.

Think relaxing thoughts, and again, while breathing in, think "Relax," and then breathe out. But it doesn't seem to be having any positive effect; in fact, just concentrating on breathing is making you feel self-conscious and more uptight.

Okay, coping technique 2:

Gradual muscle relaxation. Tense both shoulders, hold for 10 seconds, then release. Try it again. No; still no difference. The anxiety is getting worse and the very fact that you are out of coping techniques worsens your panic. If only you were surrounded by your family, or a close friend were beside you so you could feel more confident in dealing with this situation.

Now, the adrenaline is really pumping through your system, your body is tingling with uncomfortable sensations, and now the dreaded feeling of losing complete control engulfs your emotions. No one around you has any idea of the sheer terror you are experiencing. For them, it's just a regular day and another frustratingly slow queue in the supermarket.

When all else fails, there is often very little opportunity to flee the situation without causing significant personal embarassment, yet everything in your body and mind scream at you to get out of the situation.

Just reading this depiction may be painful for many of you, but the good news is that there is a way to cure anxiety and panic attack symptoms - stop them in their tracks and take back control of your life.


There has been some great advancements in research and awareness about panic and anxiety attacks, but to date the treatments are of highly suspect impact.

What if I told you the trick to ending panic and anxiety attacks is to want to have one. That sounds strange, even contradictory, but let me explain.

Let me ask you this - with almost every effort available to you as a human being, do you constantly feel as if you are fighting off a rabid bulldog who consistently tries to overtake your body and mind placing it in the condition of an attack?

The trick to cure anxiety and panic attack symptoms is wanting to have one - The wanting pushes it away. Can you have a panic attack in this very second? No!

You know the saying that "what you resist, persists." Well that saying applies perfectly to fear. If you resist a situation out of fear, the fear around that issue will persist. How do you stop resisting-you move directly into it, into the path of the anxiety, and by doing so it cannot persist.

In essence what this means is that if you daily voluntarily seek to have a panic attack, you cannot have one. Try in this very moment to have a panic attack and I will guarantee you cannot. You may not realize it but you have always decided to panic. You make the choice by saying this is beyond my control.

Another way to appreciate this is to imagine having a panic attack as like standing on a cliff's edge. The anxiety seemingly pushes you closer to falling over the edge.

To be rid of the fear you must metaphorically jump. You must jump off the cliff edge and into the anxiety and fear and all the things that you fear most.

How do you jump? You jump by wanting to have a panic attack. You go about your day asking for anxiety and panic attacks to appear.

It's a proven medical fact that the symptoms of panic and anxiety attacks will not harm you, so it is up to you to take control by bringing them on and quickly regain control of the fear that limits what you can accomplish in life.

Thousands of people have had been able to cure anxiety and panic attack symptoms exactly this way, and I want to share with you the feeling of utter joy, liberation and amazing achievement that comes with finally overcoming the life sentence so many of today's population suffer with.

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