Panic Attack Tips - Steps You Must Take To Cure Yourself Of Them Today | Author: Nicole S.Ross

One-third of the population experiences panic attacks caused by panic disorder according to statistics. The sufferer must first realize that he or she is indeed prone to the condition and seek out professional help to aid in stopping it. A doctor can diagnose the disorder and administer various treatment options to help the sufferer stop the panic attacks. Depending on the extent of the condition, treatment can vary from therapy, medicine, or a combination of the two.

SSRIs or selective serotonin reputake inhibitors that include Prozac and Paxil are medications that may be prescribed to treat anxiety and depression. Others known to decrease the discomfort associated with anxiety and depression are benzodiazepines like Valium and Xanax. There are other measures that can be taken that may also help stop panic disorders aside from these treatment options.

A few modifications and lifestyle changes can aid in stopping the panic attacks. The use of prescription and illegal drugs, several over-the-counter medications, and various alcoholic drinks can worsen depression and anxiety. Once the doctor has diagnosed your condition it is best that you stop consuming these items at once.

Also, if you are not eating healthy foods, not exercising regularly, working excessive and extensive hours, and/or not getting enough sleep, you are only increasing your risk of developing a panic disorder. To steer clear of a possible panic attack it is best if you rid yourself of these toxicities and stress.

Changing your diet is a great way to start your lifestyle change. Try avoiding caffeine and alcohol, foods that are high in sugar, and all processed foods, because these are known as major triggers of anxiety and depression. Try including more lean meats, veggies and fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairies, and healthy fat into your diet.

A healthy workout works wonders and benefits your body both inside and out. You should start developing a routine that includes exercise to help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression if you know that you are prone to panic attacks that are caused by panic disorder.

Try using relaxation techniques to keep your stress levels down. We all know how stressful it can be living in todays fast-paced world. Meditation and visualization can help you to calm down and relax during an episode of a panic attack.

Once you are at the brink of having a panic attack, be sure to begin your relaxation and meditation techniques to calm your stress levels and to bring you out of the panic attack. Remember, it is always best to assess your condition right away so you can determine if you need professional or medical assistance.

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