Hot Tub Hydrotherapy - Feeling Great is Just One of the Results | Author: Karen Naylor

Muscle relaxation is critical for relieving pain, as pain is often caused by muscle tension (even such things as tension headaches). Sometimes joint pain is due to the muscles clamping too tightly over joints, causing them to rub together more than they should. The solution? Hot tub spas and hydrotherapy can relieve stress on affected muscles and bones by making you feel weightless - and this can lead to relief of the symptoms of arthritis and fibromyalgia, among other things.

The body has many ways of getting rid of wastes. One system is through sweating. Since the water in a hottub or spa is so warm, it promotes sweating, which helps remove some of the development of toxins in your body.

Two additional advantages to relaxing in a hot tub include the release of endorphins throughout your body by the heat and pressure supplied by the jets. Endorphins are a natural product produced by your body and it is considered a "happy drug". It makes you feel great and reduces the amount of pain you are able to feel. A soothing massage from the jets also gives a boost to the relaxation of your full body.

There are just a few warnings that should be taken into consideration. First of all, the vasodilatation, or opening up of the blood vessels, that occurs brings heat into your body and can raise your full body temperature as high as 102 degrees. This is not safe for too long, so it is recommended that you only remain soaking in the hot tub or spa for up to a quarter of an hour. Listening to your body is an important way to keep yourself safe and out of trouble.

Even though hot tub warm water therapy will lower blood pressure, it at first increases it due to the heart wanting to get the extra heat out of your body. That means that people who have been diagnosed with high blood pressure problems (especially if you have been prescribed multiple medications) should speak with their doctors before trying hot tub warm water therapy. Other types of medical conditions may prevent hot tubs from being an optimal way of relaxation. Ask your doctor!

Learning about how the human body operates and finding alternative ways to improve our quality of life should be a lifelong goal. Find out about more beneficial information and live well.

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