Being A Conscious Shopper | Author: Lydia Quinn

When you're shopping for gifts for holidays, the latest electronics and appliances or just grocery shopping, what you buy can make a difference in the world. From supporting causes to saving energy to protecting your health to supporting fair wages for the people who make your clothing, there are choices you can make while shopping that will accomplish and promote these things. Here are the most popular ways you can be a conscious shopper:

Buying organic food means that no antibiotics, pesticides, fertilizers or hormones were used in the farming process. Food that is certified organic has not been genetically modified and often have the most humane practices concerning farm animals. In addition, organic foods and other organic products are created or raised in a way that is healthier and safer for the environment. Organic foods, organic clothing and other organic products are now becoming more commonly available. Looking for the organic label and choosing to buy organic products is one way to be a conscious shopper.

Fair Trade
Fair trade means that the goods that are produced as fair trade are purchased at a fair price to the farmer or producer, that environmentally safe processes were used and that working conditions are safe and fair. There are many fair trade products available, including clothing, textiles, foods, home decor and handicrafts of all sorts. When you choose a product that is labeled as fair trade, you are making sure that the creator of the product was adequately paid for their work and they and the earth were not exploited in any way.

When you're finishing or furnishing your own home, there are many products that you can choose that are more environmentally friendly than other products. For instance, choosing Energy Star branded appliances and electronics, you are helping to save energy and help the environment. In addition, you can purchase non toxic cleaning products, wood flooring and other wood products made from sustainably farmed trees, lightbulbs that use less energy but give the same amount of light plus flooring, insulation and accessories made from recycled jeans, tires, plastics and much more. Your choices for an environmentally friendly home are bigger than ever.

There are now many apparel, food and other products that give all or some of their profits to various charities. By choosing these products, you are not only getting a product you wanted and were likely going to buy in the first place, but you are also helping a charity. Just look for specially marked products to make a difference by simply shopping.

You can now purchase many items that are made from recycled materials or that are easily recyclable themselves. For instance, when you are purchasing another ream of paper for your printer, why not purchase a ream of recycled paper? It usually costs just a tiny bit more than regular paper. Or when shopping for landscaping materials, why not buy blocks or timbers that were previously used somewhere else?

Nowadays, if you want to be a conscious shopper, you have many more opportunities than before, there's no reason not to be a conscious shopper.

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