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Importing electronic devices from China and other Asian countries is a very profitable business and lately the number of MP4 player wholesalers has skyrocketed. Why? Well, first of all because the largest consumer of electronic goods, the US market, is getting ready for the next step in portable entertainment – MP4 players. The second reason for this new interest in MP4 player wholesalers and MP4 imports is that early product sampling and negotiations with the wholesaler could give US vendors and edge when the customers come rushing in to purchase MP4 players. You can checkout some of the newest MP4 models direct from China here:
MP4 player samples

Although MP4 technology is fairly new, there are already dozens of MP4 video player manufacturers. One of the best ways to determine how valuable their product is and how reliable your business partner proves to be is by requesting samples of their products. Of course, there is no written rule for this process, and in most cases this will have to be negotiated on an individual basis. Small US-based vendors may have a hard time receiving free samples from different Chinese manufacturers and other MP4 player wholesalers. In such cases, it is up to the US vendor to decide whether they want to make a small investment and purchase several units or if they wish to sit back and watch how the market is evolving.

What to look for in a MP4 player product?

One of the key elements to reaching a wide and highly targeted consumer market is to anticipate their preference for the new products. In other words, you should not import tens of thousands of cheap and low-quality MP4 players if the public is looking for higher prices but better features and image quality.

Here are some features of a top quality MP4 player that should appeal to a large audience:

• Memory: Built-in 1.8 inches 20GB Hard Disc, for example, would give you large capacity for storing whole movies in high resolution.
• Connection: USB 2.0 for faster transfer speed.
• Video playing: MPEG-4 format including DivX.
• Resolution: QCIF/CIF/1/2D/2/3D and D1
• Music Playing: MP3 / WMA formats
• TV Recording: AV input / Video record
• Picture format: JPEG and GIF
• Internal power: rechargeable lithium ion battery
• Acceptable battery time: Video - 3 hours, Audio - 5 hours
• Accessories: USB cable, stereo earphones, installation CD, charger

Finding a reliable wholesaler

As with any type of business, you want to make sure that your business partner is reliable and trustworthy. For retailers looking for an overseas partner and an import business, the best solution is to go with a reputable supplier of MP4 players. While determining “reputation” is difficult, you should look for customer feedback, check out their website and definitely give them a call. A very well known source you can find is this chinese wholesaler:

You should be looking at China in particular for the lowest wholesale prices for MP4 and MP3 players. That's where they are all made these days. Professional MP4 player wholesalers located in China will always have an English translator ready to assist you and provide you with more details. Make sure to ask for samples and clarify all import transactions properly before you sign any contract. It is also advisable to consult other retailers and electronic product vendors to see who they partnered with in their business.

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