Freeware What It Means And Why? | Author: Dee Owens

Freeware is a way to get copyrighted Software for unlimited use for free. Most developers of the software retain the copyright and control to add and make changes to the software as they see fit. Many Freeware's are complete versions of a paid or shareware program, however there are a few of them which are only parts of the program. Freeware was established by Andrew Fluegelman, when he created PC-Talk and did not want to use the more expensive and conventional way of distributing his product.

Freeware programs are meant to be downloaded from many different sites without any limitations on the download. If the programs are not available under these terms then they are not true Freeware Software.


The Usability of most Freeware Programs is extremely easy, and many if not all provide instructions on how to get the most of your programs. In most cases you search or go to your favorite place to download and search for the type of program your are looking for, when the download link appears just click the link and let your Download Manager or Internet Explorer do the rest. The only other thing you should have to do is either run or save the program, depending on download instructions.


Freeware has many Pro's, from free unlimited use to easily found on a multiple of sites, such as Downloads 3000. There are many different types of Freeware programs, with games like Akalbeth, BC Racer, and Word Whiz to name only a few. There are also numerous web browsers and anti-virus programs such as Avast, AVG Anti-Spyware, and even SpyBot removal tools with examples like Spyware Doctor, and WebRoot SpySweeper.

With all of these wonderful Programs and thousands more why wouldn't you give Freeware a shot.


The Con's are very few and far between, when it comes to something free and easily found and even easier to download. The only real downside I can see for Freeware, is when you search for a Freeware program and are directed to scams instead. That really aren't free, what you were looking for in the first place and end up costing you more than your time and money.


Safety is a big part of your computer and Internet life, with many places wanting to know more and more about you everyday. Be warned on these things however, there are Freeware Programs out there like Spyware Doctor which helps erase and block your personal information, but the biggest step you can take is this. Remember only when and if you have to register your already downloaded and installed program should you be required to give out your personal information. There are a few which require your email and sometimes name but generally that is it, and if they do ask for more check them out before just filling out the form.

Summary and Rating

There is an old saying you pay for what you get, yet in this case you are getting that may cost hundreds for nothing more than your time. As with all Downloads it is always advisable to run a check on the program with your anti-virus, and of course before even clicking the link to download, make sure your PC has enough resources.

When it comes to rating something like this I think it is pretty self explanatory, an astounding 10 of course.

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