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The 8Gb mp4 players go beyond the expectation as far as the performance and features are concerned. With only the 8Gb of internal hard disk the users can store not only their favorite music, but also their favorite movies and pictures and even the txt files on the move. The most significant difference between the 8Gb mp4 players and the mp4 players with 2Gb hard drives is that the 8Gb mp4 players allow the users to store greater number of files. The 8Gb mp4 players have shaped the world of modern digital sound system.

There are, in fact, thousands of manufacturers coming up with their own creative designs of 8Gb mp4 players while a very few of them have earned a high degree of reputation in the global market of digital sound systems. The Apple IPOD Nano Video Mp4 8Gb have included almost all the features that the modern civilization would love about it. With only 8Gb of hard disk an amazing numbers of as many as 2000 songs can be stored and the users can enjoy the sound quality that they have ever dreamt of. There are many Chinese manufacturers of such systems who have gained worldwide reputation for their dedicated creations. Some of them are Jiangsu Changsong Machinery Group Co. Ltd., Putian Tangrentrade Co. Ltd., Licheng Zhenhai Chunhui Shoes Department and a few more.

The Lucrative Features

Almost all the best and the reputable brands of the 8 Gb mp4 players have all the great features to satisfy the needs of the general flock.

• USB 2.0 version with 8Gb capacity that usually supports 9 folders with 99 playable folders in each of the files. It allows to store data via the USB cables

• The other great point of attraction is the 1.5” screen with 65,000 full-color OLED displays and above all the multiple language support like the other models of Mp4 players. Some of companies give as many as 18 language supports or more such as English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Czech, Polish, Danish Japanese, Chinese, Dutch and so on.

• Most of the famous brands usually come up with the additional facilities of at least 7 bands graphic equalizers, viz. Pop, Rock, Classic, Jazz, DBB, Soft and Normal.

• Like some of the other models of mp4 players the Mp4 8Gb also supports various file formats such as, MPs of lower versions, AMV, WMV, WMA, WAV, ASF and etc. and supports the Mp3 bit rate of 7 to 8 Mbps and 8KHz of sample frequency of recording.

• The voice recorder system and the built in FM Radio set are the very common and general features.

With the thousands of companies cropping up all over the world and the wanton growth of the Internet business purchase of the modern electronic gadgets like mp4 8Gb warrants a series of cautions. The best buys are the products with authentic seals of reputable brands. By this, the buyers are sure to get the best combination of reliability and performances. It is really difficult to find the right supplier of world’s most modern gadget like mp4 8Gb players.

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