The Simple Love Map: How To Love Your Girlfriend In The Way She Needs To Be Loved | Author: Cucan Pemo

Sometimes it can seem frustrating when you are in a relationship. There are things that you need from the other person and you're getting everything but what you want. There are times when you feel like you are hitting a wall, but then if you two can come to realize what it is that you two would like from each other then you'll be able to have a better and stronger relationship.

The first thing that you have to realize is that she really does not want the gifts. Although, gifts are nice, they are nicer when it is a complete surprise and it comes from your heart. What she wants from you is to love her when she looks perfect, and love her when she looks awful with the flu. She wants you to want to do things for her. Most women feel like the thoughtfulness is what counts. That is why she never makes fun of you when you burn dinner black, and she laughs when you make the vacuum explode.

Even though you can screw things up so badly, she loves you because you wanted to give her the thoughtfulness of the gift.

Have you ever watched the movie "The Breakup" with Jennifer Anniston? All she wanted him to do was want to do the dishes. That is all she wants from you. She wants you to want to do the dishes and she wants you to do things without having to be told or asked. She wants you to want to marry her, even when it seems all about the ring. That is not the case. To love a woman the way she wants to be loved is a lot of work. You have to try to think like her.

If she is not a hopeless romantic, then do not try to be, all you can do is be sincere. Tell her that you love her before she falls asleep and as soon as she wakes up. Then spend the whole day proving it through your actions. Make breakfast with her, make the bed with her, and be apart of her live other then being the one that she lives with. If you share some of the daily chores around the house, she will really know that you love her.

Another thing is that you need to stop comparing her to your mother. Love her for her and do not say things that are going to hurt her indirectly or directly. Do not even dare say, "My mother does it this way," because she is not your mother, she is your lover and companion. This means that you need to love her enough to do things independently and try to make things right for you two.

The way a woman wants to be loved is unconditional. Even when she burns dinner or when she looks awful you have to still talk to her and touch her like you love her anyway. Take her hand in your hands and give her a simple kiss on the forehead every time she looks like she is about to cry. When things get too much for her, ask to take over. Any every time that you look at her, look at her like it was the first. Do things that tells her that you love her, even a simple hand on her back could mean so much to her.

You should also do things to keep the magic going. Draw her a bubble bath and let her come home to dinner and candles. Do things just for her because you want to. That is all she wants from you is to "want to." She wants you to do so much for her, but she is happy when you do even the smallest gestures. That's another thing, there is no insignificant way of saying I love you, because every thing can say those three words. In fact, those three harmless, little words mean 'way too' much, but they are harder ever said enough.

You can never tell her that you love too much, and you can never harm the relationship by loving her the way a woman needs to be loved. She just needs to held and kissed and kept warm through the cold nights.

If you really want to love her the way she wants to be loved, you may want to think more about her. If you do something for her, just for her, everyday, you bond with her will grow stronger. Something as small as a lunchtime phone call will say so much in such little time and with such little effort. If you just tell her and show her how much you feel about her, then you will definitely love her the way that she would like you to.

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