4 Easy Tips To Quit Snoring For Good! | Author: Jonathan Ward‎

How many of you know the feeling when your wife wakes you up in the middle of the night, complaining about your snoring? I know I've been in that same position and it's not fun. For me this whole snoring thing just kind of crept up on me. When my wife, Sharon, and I first got married I never snored. Shortly into our marriage my wife would hear me snoring when she was awake, and would tease me about it. A few years down the road, and a few extra pounds, my snoring would occasionally wake her. Eventually it got so bad that she would leave the room and sleep on our couch. So I decided to find some answers, and get this issue solved. Well I finally solved my problem, and I found some tips to help you quit snoring. Unless you really don't like your wife, get this problem handled. The sooner you do, the better you will feel!

My first tip to help you quit snoring, and hopefully this wont sound too clichי, is to get some exercise and eat a little healthier! Next time you reach in the fridge, grab an apple or an orange, instead of the ice cream. Or instead of the soda, grab a nice cold bottle of water. Ok, I realize if your diet normally consists of soda, grabbing water will definitely test your self-control. Find some diet sodas or some fruit drinks you like. Just don't trade your sodas for beers. Beer wont help you quit snoring, it will actually make it worse.

Yes, alcohol can aggravate your snoring. It is sad, I know, but you don't have to quit drinking altogether. Just cut down on the booze! Not only did cutting down on the booze help me quit snoring, it also made my wife happier, too. Oh and eating heavily before you go to sleep is not great idea. In fact when you eat right before you go to bed, your body can't focus on sleeping and rejuvenating, it also has to digest the food you just put into it. I usually don't eat or drink alcohol for 3 hours before I go to bed, If you do this it will help your body focus on sleeping and less on digesting, which means it will help you quit snoring! .

Another little tip I used to quit snoring was sleeping on my side rather than on my back. I used to be a back sleeper, and I snored really loud, but since I started sleeping on my side, my wife didn't have to get up in the middle of the night because of my snoring. This secret is huge. You really need to try this. If you're bent on sleeping on your back, and I know I was for a while, my next little tip will definitely help you out. Ok my last tip to help you quit snoring is to tilt your head back a few inches. It's that simple. Just prop your head back. Maybe curl up a pillow, or get one of those fancy tempur-pedic pillows that naturally tilt your head back. They might be a little expensive but they sure are worth they price. Just ask my wife. Almost every night I wake up to find my tempur-pedic pillow is under her head.

If you need a lillte help to remember these easy tips to help you quit snoring, just remember look to E.A.S.T. E is for EXERCISE, and healthy foods, A is for no ALCOHOL or food late at night, S is for SLEEP on your SIDE, and T is for TILT your head back. Well I hope my 4 tips will you quit snoring for good. If you follow this simple guide you will be on your way to being snore free!

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