Things You Can Do To Get Your Wife Back On Your Side Of The Bed | Author: E Lawrence Welch

Ladies, have you been with your man for several years? In a committed relationship? Maybe you've had a couple of kids and your body has reshaped itself... Has the drive to please your man gotten low on fuel as you settle into that comfortable place of "being a couple"? Here is a list of 10 things your man can do to help rekindle that spark and get both of your needs met.

Let's face it, women long for intimacy, and men long for ecstasy. Both are often misunderstood. Print this out and give it to your guy. Maybe it will help:

1) Build up her self-esteem. She needs to know you still find her attractive. Tell her she looks good - before she asks - "Do I look ok in this?". Point out the things that really turn you on. For instance - maybe it's her eyes. Tell her how pretty they are - no strings attached.

2) Don't expect it every night. Be reasonable - of course we want it all the time. Let's find a good compromise. Twice a week or maybe three times a week might be more realistic. If your expectations are too high - you might be disappointed all the time.

3) Touch her - but not there - at least not at first. Most women long to be touched lovingly - not groped. Women are relational beings - they want us to hold their hand, put our arms around them, touch them every single day - several times a day. It builds that feeling of intimacy.

4) Give her a massage. Even if it's a 5-minute hand rub, foot rub, or back rub. Women love to be massaged. It's not that hard. Spread your hand out - put a little pressure -and move your hands around. She will tell you how to do it. Ask her how she likes it. Your woman will feel relaxed and special.

5) Set up something romantic every now and then. Do something totally unexpected. Get the kids over to Grandma's house - light some candles - put on the slow music and bring out the strawberries. Women love to be romanced. Need ideas? Ask her!

6) Don't forget that special day. Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Anniversary. You don't have to spend a bundle of money on flowers to make her happy. Fold some colored paper in half, write a little poem, love note, or even quote a passage of poetry (easily found on the internet), and slip it where she'll find it first thing in the morning.

7) Do some housework. Newsflash: Your wife is exhausted. Between the kids, work, laundry, cooking, dishes, and trying to take care of everyone and herself, she isn't getting much rest. Help her out and you will reap the rewards. "Honey, I'll do the dishes tonight so you can get the kids to bed a little earlier tonight" wink, wink, smile.

8) Be patient. If things haven't been lively lately - don't expect a complete turnaround in attitude overnight. It may take awhile to build up your relationship into the fantastic duo you once were. She may be wary this won't last - make a commitment to stick with it.

9) Communicate, communicate, communicate. Women love to talk and to interact with intelligent adults. The more time you spend talking (and listening) the closer she will feel to you. She will feel like she is important to you - she'll feel valued -she'll want to spend time with you doing other things.

10) Try to stay in shape - be a good example for your wife. Has she gained a few pounds? Have you packed on 20 or 30 pounds since the beginning of your relationship? Try to eat a little healthier and get some exercise. Take a walk together. And another simple thing - take a bath and shave - look sharp - don't let yourself go. If a man takes an interest in his appearance and health -she'll be motivated and inspired to do the same. Also, be ready to accept your wife as she is. Inevitably, with age, pregnancy, kids and gravity, women are going to wrinkle, sag, and spread - don't believe the media lies.

Consistently show your woman that she is "the one" for you - that she is special and loved. Show her she is desirable. When a woman feels that from her man - you will be surprised what she will want to do for you when she gets back on your side of the bed.

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