How to Impress a Guy in 5 Easy and Never-to-fail Steps | Author: Sarah Nichols

Let me ask you.

When was the last you met a guy that you REALLY like?

Perhaps not too long ago.

BUT here’s the MORE important question,

Did he walk away impressed with you and eagerly waiting for the chance to talk to you again? Or did he dismiss you as just another ordinary lady?

It must be frustrating if the latter situation describes your case.

Think about it.

Here’s a great guy and a great chance to make him want you BADLY as much as you want him. But for some reason, you’re not able to make anything good out of it.

This isn’t the time to be bothered by it. And the next time a guy you REALLY like comes along your way, make sure you throw these tips on how to impress a guy on him and use them to your advantage!

How To Impress A Guy - Step 1:

Say ‘hi’ and start a free-flowing conversation. Nothing more. Don’t make the mistake of throwing yourself at the guy as that would make you look desperate and needy. And the last person a man wants to be with is someone that’s clingy.

How To Impress A Guy - Step 2:

Talk to him like you talk with your guy friends or brother. Don’t show that you’re nervous or excited. If you show how giddy you can get just him talking to you, chances are he’ll feel that he has the upper-hand on you and would be filled with a surge of arrogance. Not a good thing.

How To Impress A Guy - Step 3:

Bringing up some interesting facts about you should be nice. But don’t make it the start of your conversation! That gives the conversation a ‘formal’ feel to it. Now that would be nice if you’re talking to a business partner. However, in situations like this, we want to keep it as care-free and as enjoyable as possible.

How To Impress A Guy - Step 4:

Now it’s the time for him to talk. Allow him to bring up some nice-to-know facts about himself such as hobbies, passions, and listen closely. These facts might give you some ideas for something to talk about the next time you meet.

How To Impress A Guy - Step 5:

Don’t stay there talking to him for a long time. Give him the gift of missing you. However, you must keep this warning in mind that you don’t cut the conversation because of an awkward moment or silence. You want something pleasant to register in his head before you go.

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