What Men Teach Women about Love? | Author: belinda toland

In women's eyes, men's head are not screwed on right when dealing with something about love. They always need others to point out the right way, but this does not mean that they have nothing to recommend, actually men are giving a lesson about love to women by practical actions.


First: Love is not the only thing in life

For women, love is life, oxygen and live, thus they always love strongly and vigorously, making the world know their love, what's more most women are good at confining their feelings. Unlike men, even at hard hit, they will still have the ability to disown all their relatives and friends. They will devote themselves to what is happening now absorbedly.

You may think that men are so unmerciful. Sometimes you may be angry if he puts off your dating due to some other things. Actually the reason is that they are rather practical, knowing that there is something more important than love in real life, such as working, money, their friends``````

You should remember that he does not have the meaning to ignore you.


Second: Women should keep silent sometimes

There is a common defect among women, they would like to talk something happened in their lives, no matter big or small, no matter how fellowship they have, even they will always care whether others have interest on the topic, just talking for several hours.

It is true that women are good at sharing their secrets with others, however if you ignore the importance of matters, or the right or wrong the matter is, women will treat others with utmost sincerity even when they are not so familiar with others. If women express their secrets frankly, in men's eyes, you will become boring, trivial without any feeling of mystery. You will just draw up a full stop for your relationship.

Actually most men are keen on showing off their advantages to their women, at the moment, what women should do is to listen, because he only wants to be worshipped by you, you should remember to give him a eye contact of confirmation frequently.


Third: You should not talk about privacy violations to your friends

Women are sharing their things on mind with a man just meeting at the first time according to their own feelings, excepting that, there is still some other fatal faults, they are opening their hearts widely to their friends, at the extent that they are willing to talk everything with them, from the sick name of lovers, kissing techniques, even something more private, all some topics for chattering.

Maybe women have never thought that it will effect your further relationship to share there secrets with your friends. One hand it will make him think that his secrets have been well known to others, without any privacy, it is a kind of betray and forsake. On the other hand, maybe you do not mind the thing that much, he will feel sad when hearing his friends saying "It is true that you are so difficult to please." It has been something should not be tolerated, due to the good words from friends, you will be less determined to solve the problem.


Four: You will be more direct when looking at problems

When contacting, both women and men are trying to learn about each other as much as possible. But the points are different, women prefer some pointless thoughts, men would like to the end directly, just for the result.


Five: Cut off lingering affection immediately

It does not mean that men are afraid of promises, actually what they are afraid is the woman he promises to is not the person who will company for his whole life. Before entering a stable affection, men will always make sure whether the woman is suitable for him or not, whether she will be self-independent economically?

If there is no affirmation of those questions, he will leave without any reluctance.


Six: Men will never overwhelm with sorrow

It is easier for men to recover when a period of affection failed. They know that they will find begin another love soon, the best way for recovery is to fall in love with another person soon.


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