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With the development of economy, the richer an increasing number of people has become, the more attention has been paid to the social etiquette of the upper cust by them. Lots of people prefer to attend some evening parties to enhance communications with the nobility, the celebrity and the millionaire. They usually regard the party as an opportunity for better job, higher salary, brighter future and even a more wonderful partner. Some of them who are green hand may meet some embarrassing situations while attending the parties. This article will talk about some tips for attending some high-ranked evening parties as follows:

1) How to respond an invitation card?

RSVP equals "répondez s'il vous plaÎt" which means "please reply" in English. It is obvious that the host or the sponsor of the evening party may be a nobility since he wrote or printed french expressions on invitations. While receiving this kind of invitation card, you should firstly check your schedule to confirm whether you are free at the party date. You must contact the host or sponsor via the information on the card to inform him or her whether you are free. Even you are not free, you need to thank the host or the sponsor for the invitation. It will help the host or sponsor to identify an adequate budget for the party and seat the guests properly. Most of all, you should bring the card with you while attending the party, or you may not be allowed to enter the party by entrance guards' gentle refusement. They will treat you as a fraud instead.

2) What to dress in an evening party?

You may be nagged by the proper evening dress in the party. Actually, you don't need to worry about it, instead, you should just take the requirement of dress on the card to get more information. If you cannot get any information on the card, you can even contact the inviter to ask for help. For example, if you will attend a celebrity party, you can wear a celebrity dress.

3) When to arrive at the party?

You should never be late for any party, nevertheless, you don't need to arrive at the party early according to the international practice. But in high-ranked evening parties, the proper time to reach the party should be 15 minutes later than the time on the card.

4) What to do at the arrival at the party?

You should say hello to the host or the sponsor at the arrival of the party. Ladies need to go to the dressing room to apply your makeup. Remember do not sit down or just enjoy the food around the table. In the parties of upper class, you should stand and chat with other guests. 

5) How to leave others a good impression?

    Usually, the host or sponsor may be busy with entertaining his or her important guests, so it is necessary for you to know the proper ways to talk with the ones you want to know. You may begin to say hello to them, then attract their attention by offering your self-introduction or your ourstanding opinions in some fields they are interested in. As for the host or sponsor, don't forget to say goodbye to them, you can even send an email to thank for their hospitality the next day or send some simple gifts like flowers or thank- you cards to them the next day. This is also a good way to have future relationship with the host or the sponsor.

    The five tips above are my personal experience while attending evening parties, you may take them for your reference when you are going to a celebrity evening party.

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