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If you are reading an article entitled wicked weasel bikini, you probably don't need to be told what wicked weasel bikinis are. But just in case you wandered here by accident, here goes: imagine the tiniest, most revealing and sexy bikini you've ever seen on the beach, then reduce the amount of material you saw by 25% and that's a wicked weasel bikini.

To say that wicked weasel bikinis are the next best thing to being on a nude beach is to state the obvious. In fact, some would go so far as to say that these bikinis are better than complete nudity because they give the impression of seeing something you aren't supposed to be seeing. The makers of these bikinis are very, very smart in their marketing.

Not only do they make the sexiest swimwear on the market, but they also promote them by using real life billboards. Go to any web site devoted to wicked weasel bikinis and you will see drop dead gorgeous girls modeling them. Sometimes it's difficult to tell if they are even wearing bikinis.

The wicked weasel bikini doesn't come in just one style, although you might think that. After all, how much can you really do with such a stunningly small amount of material, right? You'd be amazed. You can find bikinis that are the standard thong or G-string type, but the guys making wicked weasel do one better.

Even their most modest-and understand that the use of that term is done very liberally-isn't for the faint of heart. Once you start looking into the more dazzlingly daring of wicked weasel bikinis, you will once and for all determine if you are an exhibitionist or not. Let's put it this way: If you don't currently take a razor to your bikini area, you will if you expect to wear these in public!

Some of the styles seem almost to exist without the ability to cover up anything south of the border. Indeed, to wear the most wicked of these bikinis, be prepared to spend quite some time with that razor. But small doesn't necessarily translate into sexiest. While many women-and most men-may take a look at what wicked weasel bikinis have to offer and automatically assume that those swimsuits that appear to be nothing more than strings knotted together may produce the most arousing result, take time to shop.

Many men-including your humble writer-find the "surf short" style to be the one that takes the breath away. In fact, if you purchase the surf short style in the color white and take a dip into the water, don't be surprised to find that you have become even more of exhibitionist than those wearing the teeniest, tiniest style. In addition to being small, this style also tends to be see-through.

The wicked weasel bikini craze has hit the internet big time. If you enter wicked weasel bikini into a search engine you will come up with some of the sexiest pictures on the internet and you'll even possess the ability to truthfully say you weren't surfing for porn.

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