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Every one knows the world records and feels curious about them. Do you want to know the most special world records? Let's have a look of them!

1. Japan: World's longest paper plane flight

For 11 years Takuo Toda had been trying to break the Guinness record for the longest paper airplane flight. Last April, he achieved his goal: His glider, folded from a light sheet of sugarcane, stayed in the air for 27.9 seconds.

2. Thailand: World's biggest stingray

You wouldn't want to encounter this fella while swimming: In February 2009, a National Geographic expedition reeled in a two-meter-wide stingray. The beast is estimated to weigh between 250 and 400 kgs.

3. China: World's largest egg

In June 2009, a Suiling County hen popped out a Godzilla-sized egg. At 201 grams, this egg is about four times the weight of a regular one. Owner Zhang Yinde says her hen is perfectly ordinary, apart from its penchant for stealing dog food.

4. India: World's longest dosa

Comedy film star Rajendra Prasad presided over the rolling of the world's largest dosa last August in Mumbai. With the help of 16 chefs, he prepared a 9.9 meter crepe in under 40 minutes.

5. China: World's biggest sushi roll

In May 2009, Jackie Chan celebrated the Shanghai opening of his sushi chain, G Sushi, by revealing the world's largest sushi roll. Not even the martial arts star could wrap his arms around the colossus.

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